Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba says the PF must learn to accept criticism instead of attacking the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ).

And Kabimba says President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor Kaizar Zulu’s conduct the CAF U20 final overshadowed Zambia’s victory.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme today, Kabimba observed that as a body of lawyers, LAZ based its criticism on the Constitution.  

“The point should not be that LAZ is attacking government but what is the context of that criticism, that is what we should be talking about if LAZ says for example that President Lungu is not eligible for the third term that is the position of an institution, that’s what they think as men and women that have perused the law and that is not an attack on President Edgar Lungu that’s not an attack on PF,” Kabimba said.

“If they say that there is violence in PF and President Lungu or PF must stop that violence it doesn’t mean that the they are saying that UPND is the one that is non-violent that’s the point  I am trying to make , so we must be able to accept criticism.”

Kabimba suggested sober ways of expressing disagreement with LAZ.

“If you don’t agree with LAZ, LAZ has taken a position you can come to a radio programme like this and say ‘I do not agree with LAZ’, if the issue is legal, you can go to court and challenge LAZ’s decision,” he said

He said it was disappointing that those critical of PF were dubbed as bad citizens.

And Kabimba observed that Kaizar’s unruly conduct overshadowed Zambia’s victory.

“It’s damaging to all of us, what this incident has done is it has completely overshadowed that victory of the Under 20 team, what went out there is not that Zambia beat Senegal by two goals to nil, what went out there is that Zambia has this one individual you know that can greatly act with such profound impunity in the eyes of the international community because that event was international because, I saw it on Aljazeera and I’m sure BBC captured it, so it was an international thing, that clip went viral were  the man was looking into the eyes of a CAF official like a lion in Munda Wanga, that went viral so it completely over-shadowed our victory,” said Kabimba.

 “If Kaizar Zulu were a commoner, a person not holding such office, if he had just done that in a pub in Matero nobody would be talking about him. Kaizar Zulu was nothing six years ago, nobody spoke about him, we didn’t care where he lived, we didn’t care where he drank a beer from, but he is now an epic centre of the authority of the Zambian government. So surely you can’t just turn a blind eye to that. You can’t just come here and say leave the man alone! We can’t leave him alone because he is more than Kaizar Zulu, he is now a representation of the image of the Zambian people.”

Kabimba said he was eagerly waiting for President Lungu’s to reaction.