Lusaka lawyer Lewis Mosho says Post Newspaper assets which were seized by the Zambia Revenue Authority are now going on sale.
Earlier today, News Diggers published a story, quoting an advert which originated from social media, detailing the assets which had been placed on auction sale, but readers expressed concern that the advert was fake.

When contacted to clarify, Mosho of Lewis Nathan and Advocates, who is provisional liquidator of Post Newspaper Ltd assets, said the information was true although the official advert had not yet been released.

Lewis Mosho

“The advert is not officially out. It is true that an advert will start running soon for the sale of those assets but that advert is not officially published. So if you have seen an advert… what I mean is if I were you I wouldn’t refer to it because it is not official. But it is true that ZRA will be going ahead to sale all the assets that it seized last year in July because assets were seized before the company was put on liquidation; you get the point, and they do have the power to go ahead and sale anyway so they are selling those assets but before that they will be an advert which will start running in the next few days. So that’s the position,” Mosho said.

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When asked why assets were going on auction when The Post shareholders were challenging the liquidation in court, Mosho said the auction sale had nothing to do with any court case.

“The sale that you called me earlier on has nothing to do with the court case. You see, the court case you are talking about started on 1st November last year, when the things that were seized by ZRA were seized earlier which was in July, so the things that were seized in July are the ones that will be sold, so it has nothing to do with the court case.”

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