Kabwe PF Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube says he will remain fearless and independent in his professional career judgment despite being dropped from his position as legal counsel for the party.

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila on Thursday dropped Tutwa Ngulube from his position of legal counsel for the ruling party, saying the Kabwe Central member of parliament’s decision to represent Mazhandu Bus Services in reinstating their Road Service License appeared to be a conflict of interest and made the party uncomfortable.

Reacting to media queries regarding his dropping, Ngulube said he will appeal to President Edgar Lungu against Mwila’s decision.

He denied having represented his party in the Mazhandu family bus company case, saying that the bus company had never been in court with his employer [PF] but with the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA).

“I have learnt from friends and family that the Secretary General has issued a media statement regarding my representation of the Party and the Mazhandu family bus company. Mazhandu family bus company has not and never been in court with the party which is my employer but with RTSA a public body that has nothing to do with the PF my employer,” Ngulube said.

“As a qualified lawyer of 10 years standing at the bar and 13 years experience my training is that I must be fearless and independent in my professional judgment and career. I am not and have never been served with any official correspondence or complaint from the Party whether they were unhappy with my association with the Mazhandu Family bus company a company that has been in existence even before I was born.”

Ngulube also complained that his party’s Secretary General did not inform him of the decision to drop him not until he learnt about the development from the media.

“A lawyer shall not be intimidated or condemned for the choice he makes with regards to his clients and friends. A lawyer should be ready to defend his ethics and client without fear of punishment or condemnation as I did.

Moreover, Mazhandu as a company did not cause the accident but one of their drivers and the bus, which was insured,” Ngulube said.

“Nevertheless, as a senior member of the party I was not informed of the decision made by the Secretary General of the party whom I have only worked with for a short period of time until I heard it from the media.”

Ngulube however pledged total loyalty and support to the President Edgar Lungu and thanked him for according him the honor to serve the party and the nation at the highest levels.

“I am extremely grateful to his Excellency for the exposure he accorded me to head the legal department of the party and to handle not only huge but sensitive matters against the party and mostly against him, most of which I concluded with talent skill and zeal in his favor. I am still a member of parliament for Kabwe central constituency and member of the ruling party. In line with the party constitution and section 26A of the employment Act, I will appeal the said decision to the Republican president and the Central committee,” said Ngulube.