Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo says police yesterday raided former commissioner of police Fanwell Siandenge’s farm and searched two houses after being tipped that he had been spotted there around 03:00 hours.

In a statement, Katongo said Siandenge managed to escape after noticing police officers.

“Following up the report, a team of police officers went to Mr. Siandenge’s farm in Namwala in the early hours of today at about 03:00 hours and searched the two houses at the farm but did not find Mr Siandenge there. At the farm, the officers found a woman in one of the two houses who was cooperative and she allowed the officers to search the house in which she was and nothing was found,” Katongo said.

“She also led the officers to another house within the farm which was found abandoned with the door open. The occupants are suspected to have had run away after noticing the presence of Police officers. Officers searched the house and found two shot guns with one round of ammunition which officers got.”

Katongo however dispelled social media allegations that police officers raped and harassed the people who were found at the farm.

“Contrary to reports trending on social media that police officers raped and harassed the people that were found at the farm, officers did not harass anyone and a search was conducted in the presence of the woman,” she said.

Katongo also said it was not always mandatory for police to have search warrants.

“Furthermore, we would like to inform members of the public that police officers can conduct a search on any premise without a search warrant when they have reason to believe that a person to be arrested is in such a place and a person residing in or a person who is in charge of such a place must, on demand by the officers, allow them free entry and afford all reasonable facilities for a search,” said Katongo.

Recently, Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja offered a K100,000 reward to any person or persons with information that would lead Siandenge’s arrest.

“The Zambia Police Service is offering a K100,000 reward to any person or persons with information that would lead to the arrest of a fugitive Fanwell Siandenge, who is on a wanted list for the offence of aggravated robbery,” said Kanganja.