In this audio, former information minister Chishimba Kambwili says he has been kicked out of the Patriotic Front because he is a threat to “some people who are so preoccupied with being sole candidate in 2021”.

And Kambwili says he will fight for his membership in court because he wants to defend the PF from “infiltrators”.

In a telephone interview with Muvi TV after he informed them that he would be unable to feature on The Assignment programme due to security concerns this evening, Kambwili said resolving to have a sole candidate was not democracy.

“I have said and I want to say it again, my preoccupation is to work for the people of Roan and work for the people of Zambia and not talk about standing in 2021 but it appears some people’s preoccupation is just to stand in 2021 and anybody who they perceive to be standing in their way has to be kicked out. And there was even a resolution that somebody has to be a sole candidate for 2021, that is not democracy and I will not sell my principle for the purpose of appeasing an individual but I will give more details when I appear on the programme,” Kambwili said.

“Today we were supposed to have a press briefing at my home [but] we were reliably informed that some PF cadres were being loaded on buses in Inter City to come and disrupt the press briefing and to prevent that I cancelled so that we do not put the lives of journalists and the people who were supposed to attend the press briefing at risk. So when we appear on Sunday, I will give a full account of what transpired and I will leave it to the people of Zambia to decide and I am going to fight in court for my membership because I love this party and I will not allow new comers to destroy the party that we have suffered for just for the purpose of somebody being a sole candidate for 2021 presidential elections.”

And Kambwili said he would challenge his expulsion in court.

“The procedure was not followed and I will take the matter to court for the court to determine whether my expulsion is legal or illegal,” he said.

Asked what he would do if the court upheld his expulsion, Kambwili said he would cross the bridge when he got there.

Kambwili lamented that infiltrators were reaping the benefits of hard work and suffering by long serving members of the party.

“I love this party dearly and I would want to defend this party and see it united the way our founder Michael Chilufya Sata left it. But some few people are bent on destroying the party for personal gain and I think members of the party and I think members of the party would not accept these people to destroy the party. The party has been infiltrated. The old members who suffered for the party have been thrown out of the party in preference for people who have come now,” said Kambwili.

“We fought to remove MMD for 10 years. If I knew that I was fighting for ten years to go to prison and whatever happened to us in the bush, we slept in the bush, for the people who were in government at that time to be ministers again, I was not going to waste my time. We will talk more when I appear on the programme.”

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