In this audio, People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti says President Edgar Lungu cannot fight corruption because he is corrupt.

Reacting to President Lungu’s remarks that those with evidence of corruption on the fire tenders should come forward in an interview, Mulongoti said the Head of State was unreliable.

“President Lungu keeps talking about the fight against corruption, he told the nation and the world at large that he had corrupt ministers in his office. Now it has turned out that one of these ministers (Chishimba Kambwili) has said that he (President Lungu) is corrupt himself and not only that but even opposition leaders have said he is a corrupt man. So it is very difficult to have a corrupt man fight corruption because he will want to burry things under the carpet,” Mulongoti said.

“So Mr Lungu’s moral campus is very defective, he cannot even appreciate what is termed as corruption because I have never heard of a thief fighting another thief.”

Take a listen:

He said it was not up to the Head of State to say he was not corrupt because corrupt people often did not realize it.

“So even corrupt people think they are not corrupt, it is us who must tell them to say ‘look, what you are doing is a corrupt act’. And unfortunately, he goes to pontificate about this issue, individuals, we want him to come out and tell us Zambians in our faces that he is not a corrupt man because now everybody is saying he is a corrupt man and these are Zambians, not just foreigners. So he must come and face us here so that we tell him that we think he is a corrupt man, evidence is there, a man who had K2 million when he went into office, today he is boasting of K27 million, what magic did he play to acquire that wealth?” he asked.

“So we support those who are saying he is a corrupt man because they are producing evidence, they are not just using empty words, they are able to show us pictures of properties which Mr Lungu has acquired. In today’s world with technology, whatever he thinks is hidden, he is cheating himself. We shall get the truth on everything that has been leveled against him.”

He reminded the Head of State that immunity did not protect him against criminality.

“If he thinks he has got immunity, immunity does not protect you against criminality…if it is revealed that he becomes a criminal in office, he can be pursued. When he takes away from the poor, he is compromising the security of the country. People are suffering, electricity is so unaffordable, food is so expensive now what security can we talk about? If he cannot put food on people’s tables, he cannot stand up and say ‘I am a leader’,” said Mulongoti.

“These are selfish greedy characters who don’t deserve to be in office, they must continue preparing for their exit and unfortunately for them, we were told by the late Mr Sata that of all the things they had done, they have built hospitals and schools but they have failed to extend prison space because he knew most of his people are going to go to prison.”