Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela says the Ministry has acquired a new office block situated opposite the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) in Lusaka.

Chitotela said the new office building was acquired using part of the K213,976,677 budgetary allocation to his Ministry for the year 2017.

He said this when he presented the budget policy statement in support of the 2018 budget estimates for his Ministry in parliament today.

“Madam Chairperson, allow me to present the implementation of the 2017 budget by the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development. The ministry’s approved budget for 2017 was K213,976,677 comprising K20,760,337 for personal emoluments while K30,972,289 for the recurrent departmental charges and K46 million for the infrastructure in the new districts and K116,244,051 for operational grants for Road Development Agency (RDA) and National Housing Authority (NHA) and National Council for Construction (NCC). Using this fund, as well as those from the external sources, the Ministry registered a number of success some of which include and not limited to the following (I) acquisition of the new office block which is situated opposite ZICTA,” Chitotela said.

“Chairperson, since its establishment, the Ministry has been sharing the office spaces with the Ministries of Works and Supply, and the ministry of Transport and Communication. In order to address the shortages of office space for the members of staff, the ministry has acquired a new office block situated at stand N0.28 Independence Avenue, Ridgeway opposite ZICTA. I wish to take this opportunity to inform our clients and members of the public that the ministry will soon be moving into the new building.”

And Chitotela told parliament that his ministry would recruit 250 professional and technical staff in its approved K283,708,070 budget for the 2018.

“The Ministry has been allocated with a total of K283,708,070 for 2018 within the budgetary allocation and through external funding, a priority program that will be implemented include the following, implementation of improved structures for the ministry. The ministry will recruit and place 250 professionals and technical staff at provincial and district levels for effective and efficient supervision and monitoring of infrastructure projects countrywide. This will ensure adequate capacity for the Ministry and value for money for the infrastructure facilities being constructed in our country,” said Chitotela.