About 700 PF cadres from 12 constituencies in Luapula province today petitioned provincial minister Nixon Chilangwa demanding the resignation of Bahati member of parliament Harry Kalaba.

The ‘youths’ who marched from Chilyapa market to the provincial administration office argued that Kalaba could not continue serving as member of parliament in a party he labeled corrupt when he resigned as Foreign Affairs Minister.

In an interview with News Diggers! today, Luapula Province PF secretary Francis Musunga, who led the march, challenged Kalaba to resign as member of parliament.

“We actually invited members of the party from all over Luapula. The constituencies are 15 and the districts are eleven but three constituencies did not come. That is Nchelenge, Mwinilunga and…they were about 700 people who participated and we marched from Chilyapa market up to the provincial administration. Actually the message to support, we are rallying behind the President of the Republic of Zambia, President Edgar Lungu who is also the president of our party PF. We also petitioned that honorable Kalaba has resigned as Foreign Affairs Minister and he is actually saying he cannot work with people who are corrupt. But it is us as PF who put him in that position as member of parliament. Why should he keep his position? So we are challenging him to resign or else we have submitted the matter before the central committee who are going to decide the issue. What we are pushing for is that he be removed as member of parliament for Bahati,” Musunga narrated.

Musunga also charged that there were some civil servants who were leaking party information to the wrong people.

“And surprisingly madam, Bahati constituency they came because he is claiming that he has Bahati in his hands but Bahati constituency were there, and they supported Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Honorable Minister (Nixon Chilangwa) actually responded that he has heard of all the petitions we put forward for him and he is going to submit to the central committee to actually decide on the matter. There was also an issue of civil servants who are leaking information for the party to the wrong people, so the minister is saying that those people will be disciplined. Civil servants are suppose to work together with the party in government which is PF as at now. The civil servants are known but have not been named,” said Musunga.