National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili says the Patriotic Front is more scared of NDC than UPND.

And Kambwili says Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja is drunk with unknown powers.

Speaking in Lusaka, Saturday, when he viewed the newly acquired NDC secretariat, Kambwili “damn scared” of his party like rats that is why they keep blocking their mobilisation programmes.

“Please the job that we have is to grow the party, and you are aware that the party in government is targeting us. You can see today the UPND are in Kasama, have a card renewal exercise the other day MMD was in North Western, but every time we apply for a permit we are denied. That should not worry you it clearly shows who they are scared of. It clearly shows who they are scared of, they are not scared of UPND, they are telling us themselves,” Kambwili said.

“They are not scared of UPND, they are not scared of MMD, they are not scared of Ba Mulongoti party, they are scared of NDC. But we are not going to sit and relax and see our rights being stumbled on. We have decided through our lawyer, the chairperson for legal, Mr Akafumba, that we are going to court to fight the injustice of refusing to give us permit. Can you imagine, all of you have been in politics for too long, mwalimonako eko bapoka permit ukukwata ward meeting? (Have you ever seen where you get a permit to have a ward meeting?) What they are doing now, if you just have a ward meeting balebika na abakumona (they have people to spy) immediately NDC is having a ward meeting bayasosa, baisa twikata ba police, (they inform the police and they come to arrest us) this is what is going on.”

And Kambwili said Kanganja was drunk with unknown powers.

“I think Kanganja is drunk with unknown powers, no wonder he can even stand in court to testify. You saw how embarrassed he was over that [Chilufya] Tayali case because the man, you know dullness has no levels. You can be IG and you are dull, you forever remain dull. Nga chakweba ati pamwenu paliba imbwa napali ba neighbor, bushe epo wingaya ingila nipesa? Pamwenu kuti waingila because ilya imbwa tauleitina tefyo? Iyi yaliba friendly. Nomba pali ba neighbor ulaufwa yabosa kuti waya ingilapo? So ifi ku MMD baliingila imbwa balibelesha. Ku UPND baleingila imbwa balibelesha, buy balatina ukwingila payadi pamwesu pantu imbwa yalikalipisha. So imunthu nga aletina tewakusakamana, ninshi alilusa kale. (If you and your neighbor have dogs at your houses, where would you rather go? It’s at your house because you know your dog is friendly. They have befriended the dogs at MMD and UPND, but the dog at NDC is very brutal.)”

He urged his party officials to refrain from violent behavior.

“Our people in Mporokoso were arrested and are appearing in court for just holding a ward meeting. Yesterday in Luanshaya, some people had a ward meeting in section 26 and they sent police there. So, you can see that these people are scared. Damn scared like rats! But we are not going to worry or mind about scared people, and you only get scared if you know that your governance is questionable, that you are doing the wrong things. It is only people that scared of their own shadow who you can tell that they have failed to govern. And certain people don’t learn, the tricks that PF is using today were tricks that MMD used but they lost. We saw the bicycles in Rupiah Banda’s government, we saw even biscuits, sweets being branded Rupiah Banda. That what we are seeing today books, bicycles and they think bicycles will vote for them. So mwebamunyinane (brethren) let’s not be scared and ifyongo tefyo ngabaisa ba Police kucitafye disperse (Don’t be unruly, when the police come just disperse). Don’t fight back. What they want is to arrest as many of our members as possible, but we are going to court next week ba Kafumba will file the document so that the court can give us an order to go ahead with our meeting without interference from the Police. And by the way there is already a ruling. There is already a judgement on whether the police should give a go ahead to have a meeting or not and the judgement is very clear, the police are only supposed to be notified,” he said.

Kambwili said the NDC would field candidates in all the scheduled by-elections.

“Today we just brought our central committee here, so that we can show you our members that now we have got an office where you can be reporting for any communication that you want between the party and our members. The deputy Secretary General Mrs Atanga and a few people that we are going to appoint today in the Central Committee will be resident here to carry out the full-time job of the party. Obviously, this office belongs to the Secretary General, the Secretariat is for the Secretary General but you all know that our Secretary General lives on the Copperbelt and our deputy secretary general lives in Lusaka. So, we would love our deputy secretary general as full time here with some stuff so that all the communications and all the programs of the party are done from this secretariat. In the next two, three weeks, we will have an official function to officially commission the office. After we get all the furniture, and we paint the Secretariat into our colors, put up our logo, so we will call you with all the constituencies in Lusaka and even those who want to come from outside to come and witness, so that we officially launch the secretariat. For today we are only having the Central committee meeting. So, I want to thank all of you for coming, for today you can go and rest, back to your constituencies while we have the central committee meeting. We cannot keep you here the whole day while we have the meeting because we don’t know how long the central committee meeting will take. So you can go and have a rest while we deliberate on issues affecting the party mainly the elections that we are going to have in the various wards across the country that have been declared vacant. You know that we are a baby born with teeth, and we are not going to say, we are not like these Nashala neka party who choose which elections to participate. For us it is work from the first whistle. So, we want as much as possible to participate in the by-elections,” said Kambwili.