Zambia’s High Commissoner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba has resumed social media debates, barely a month after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rebuked him for issuing statements on government related matters without approval.

Yesterday, Dr Christine Kaseba’s appointment into the foreign service was a topic of discussion in a WhatsApp group where some people felt the position was too low for her as she deserved to serve at least as Cabinet Minister.

But Ambassador Mwamba supported Dr Kaseba’s appointment as Zambia’s Ambassador to France saying other former high-ranking government officials had accepted such positions in the past.

“Vice Presidents; Nevers Mumba, Lupando Mwape have accepted appointment as Ambassadors shortly after leaving what was deemed as high office. In comparison this is not strange. I have colleagues here who are former prime ministers and deputy (vice) presidents. Further her benefits of spouse of the late President are intact as they are provided to the surviving spouse as provided for under the Former Presidents Benefits Act (despite the appointment and new role her remains a surviving spouse),” Ambassador Mwamba wrote.

“The position of an ambassador remains a high position as she represents the Head of State and the country. She will enjoy diplomatic status and will enjoy special privileges, conditions and legal status in that country as accorded by those accredited to a host country. And the Ambassador is NOT a protocol officer as peddled by some write-ups( where the indignation appear to come from). The Embassy has a protocol officer(among other officers) who is a Diplomat and performs such special role and function.”

He said the posting was about service and not about money.

“My point was that people are equating to benefits…this is about service
Even in her private capacity as paediatric consultants she is capable of earning more money than both her current roles,” wrote Mwamba.

“It’s service. We have demonstrated that she already was comfortable from her current benefits .
Vice Presidents have been ambassadors. Nelson Mandela daughters Zanele and Zinzi (who are struggle stalwarts in their on right are serving as ambassadors).”