We thank God that police have succeeded to arrest the perverted Petauke man who raped and filmed an unconscious woman and circulated an obscene video on social media.

In our view, that act was beyond criminal; it was evil. To imagine that a human being could do that to another human being, a mother for that matter; was heartbreaking. What is worse is that the culprit, Mr Rodgers Mwanza, seemed to have been at peace and saw nothing wrong with his actions.

If police deepen their investigation, they may find that the perverted man actually belongs to a gang that has been doing that to women. Fellow countrymen, we can’t be that heartless towards one another; that lady is someone’s daughter and mother, she could be your sister. Why Mr Mwanza, why?

Surely, our colonial masters who regarded black zas an inferior race, did so many despicable things. But they did not get to the extent of sexually abusing our mothers in that barbaric manner. The evil actions by the perverted Mwanza are not any different from the actions of those who bought his fore fathers and sold them as slaves.

Now, we have seen that citizens have united to condemn this utterly repulsive and heinous crime. Lawmakers, the church, NGOs, the police and government authorities have all poured their hearts on the matter. But we would now like to invite our readers to look back at the crime through the glasses of one of the greatest Zambian artistes.

In his interpretation of the Petauke video, singer and political commentator Mukubesa Mundia tries to remind Zambians that, while they show sympathy for the rape victim, citizen’s must remember that they are not in a much different situation themselves.

Petersen writes:
There is nothing more abusive, heartless and inhuman (lacking human qualities of compassion and mercy; cruel and barbaric) than making any woman or ‘Mother’ black out, physically or mentally inactive, unconscious. And to make matters worse during their helpless state you start inviting all your capable friends & partners to come and have a piece of a powerless soul.

The Petauke video is annoying, provocative and morally wrong; the sad reality about it is that it is the same helpless state ‘Mother’ Zambia is in right now.

While all of us are politically unconscious and highly intoxicated on which side of national politics we belong too, blinded by our stomachs and made deaf by our tribes political alignment, in deep sleep deprived off the right and beneficial information.

THERE IS SOMEONE BUSY SELLING US OUT AND ADVERTISING US TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MEN AND COMMUNITIES as “Guys come if you can, Zambians and Zambia as per say is “Katundu very nice”

Not too big, not too dirty, non violent, no political war, demonstrations or riots, not vigilant, not patriotic, no Strong labour laws, not very demanding from ‘investors’, very cowardly, poor citizens and can’t demand big.

The Petauke woman’ state is nothing different from almost every Zambian reading this write up right now. We are all unconscious and can’t speak for ourselves, someone somewhere is busy spreading us around for the world to see how “katundu very nice” we are.

China is here because they have been shown Zambia’s ‘katundu very nice’.

Foreign Mining companies are reaping and harvesting here, because they know we are economically and politically blacked out.

Mukula tree traders are exporting because we have been dead in sleep, intoxicated by political affiliation at the expense of what is right and beneficial to the entire nation.

A Turkish company may, might or can come through to mess us up while we are deep in slumber because they have somehow seen how Zambia’s katundu is very easily accessible.

Tribalism has overpowered our ability to fairly reason, so everything that we shield, guard with dignity is being toyed with in the open.

I once saw an ambassador selling Zambia as a place one could come set a business and reap profits without paying tax. When all of us citizens in our politically unconsciousness are subjected to taxes, someone is selling Zambia as “katundu very nice” to investors.

“So you can come to Zambia, set up a profit generating entity, collect your dues in 5 years tax free,” one Europe based Zambian Ambassador was heard saying. In other words, “Katundu very nice”.

Fellow Zambia, the same way that Petauke video hurts is the same way the current state of the nation should hate you. Don’t be selective to what affects your life and dignity, whether social or political.

Petersen is on point. Without any malice intended to the victim of the Petauke rape, we the citizens of this country must see ourselves in those shoes because that’s exactly where we are. If anyone is doubting this, let them wait and hear the outcome of the deals that President Edgar Lungu and a population of other connected Zambians went to solicit from China last week.

We are snoring, while the Chinese are taking turns abusing our very nice Katundu!