Chibombo Town Council Chairperson James Ntalahsa says he is appalled by the beating of four councillors at the civic centre by known Patriotic Front cadres.

Confirming the development to News Diggers in an interview, Ntalasha said the said PF cadres pounced on Chikoba Ward Councillor Reagan Mubasa and mercilessly beat him up.

“The councillors were at the civic centre for a council meeting at the chamber when known PF cadres attacked our Audit Committee Chairperson, Councillor Reagan Mubasa. He was beaten to the point of almost taking away his life. When three councillors tried to rescue him, they were also beaten. Two of these councillors have sustained injuries and their teeth are even shaky,” Ntalasha said.

According to sources within the district council, Mubasa had been objecting the awarding of contracts to a local businessman who is linked to senior PF officials, on grounds that the said contractor had been failing to deliver in the past.

“This councillor has been very vocal and he has come out strongly to say the council must never give contract to a named local businessman, who has links to the former minister in the area. His argument is that last time when he was given a contract, he did not deliver the works. So it is believed that this businessman is the one who hired PF cadres to beat up the councillor,” narrated the sources.

But Ntalasha has since given the police 24 hours in which to arrest the culprits whom he says are well known in the area.

“Our councillors were only rescued by State Police who fired warning shots to control the situation. We have followed the due process of the law. We have done the medicals. All that we expect now is the law to take its course. If the Police fail to make an arrest within 24 hours, then we shall know what to do. We therefore, expect the police to act maturely and professionally on this matter,” he said.

The Council Chairperson vowed that he would not allow lawlessness to reign in Chibombo.

“If it means blood to be shed for Chibombo to be developed, then we shall do it. Why should individuals take the law in their own hands? We don’t expect such behaviour from mature politicians. This we shall not allow. If the councillor had done something wrong, that is why my office exists, those aggrieved should have complained to me. What we want is sanity to be restored in the district,” said Ntalasha.