Suspended Luangeni member of parliament Charles Zulu says he is still a serving member of parliament under the PF and has not yet received any letter of suspension from the party.

In January this year, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila announced Zulu’s suspension from the party, adding that although the decision was made by the grassroots, it had the blessing of the party’s Central Committee.

“The party starts from the grassroots and the decision of the grassroots stands. He (Charles Zulu) was suspended and given time to exculpate himself. So he must respond to the party in the constituency, so that’s the explanation I have. He has been asked to exculpate himself of which he has not responded to the letter from the constituency,” Mwila told News Diggers.

The Luangeni constituency PF leadership suspended Zulu from the party for allegedly secretly supporting Democratic Party leader Harry Kalaba.

But in an interview, Zulu said he had not yet received any suspension letter.

“You ask the secretary general, I don’t want to be in the papers mwana, mine is to develop the constituency. I belong to a political party and that party is PF. So if they take disciplinary action against me, I think they are better placed there. You know the senior members of my party, the SG (Secretary General) are better placed to explain that. You find out from the people that suspended me. Like I said, I have not received the letter of suspension and so I am still waiting for that. My game plan…I am a member of parliament right now and I am a full time member of the PF. Mine is to develop my constituency. I came to parliament to talk for the people of Luangeni, to speak for them [and] to represent the people of Luangeni constituency. So I don’t do those politics of finger pointing, insults what and what,” said Zulu.