Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says the ruling party has no political competitor for 2021, boasting that other contenders will only participate because Zambia is a democratic state.

In an interview, Tuesday, Lusambo said Zambians had already decided to re-elect President Edgar Lungu because he had done a lot since he became Head of State.

“2021 the people of Zambia have decided already, 2021 is a time for his Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, he will be re-elected back into government because he is doing a lot of things since he assumed the office of presidency. And I can assure you that we don’t have a competitor for 2021. Other people will participate, we are in a democratic dispensation, we allow people to participate in an election but we don’t have a competitor,” Lusambo boasted.

And Lusambo, who is also deputy campaign manager for the Roan Parliamentary by election slated for April 11, said former area member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili failed to develop the constituency despite being given key government positions.

“If he has failed, he has failed. Because the President and the system have been giving all of us CDF and that MP from Roan, he was given Cabinet portfolio as minister, he has been minister of sport, he has been minister of labour, he has been minister of foreign affairs and he has been minister of information. And if he has failed, then he is just a failure because with all those portfolios, and you fail to work for your people in a constituency like Roan, you will be considering yourself as a failure and there is nothing that you can tell the people of Roan,” Lusambo said.

“Because the President and the government recognised you in the first place and they gave you a
portfolio to respect the people of Roan. But we have seen actually that he failed as an individual, that is why we want to go and control the mistakes he made when he was on our party ticket, because PF is not a failure, PF is a party for success. That’s why we’ll be going there with the word of hope and we are certain that come April 11, we are carrying the day.”

He said the PF was confident of retaining the Roan Parliamentary seat.

“Roan Constituency is a PF seat, it has been a PF seat under the former MP, Chishimba Kambwili and we are going there as defenders. We know what is happening on the ground because we are in
government, we know each and every challenge which our people are facing whether in Roan or away
from Roan constituency. So for us as a campaign team, we are going in Roan Constituency with the
message of hope from his Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. We know that we have to do issue based campaigns, those are the things which we will be telling the people, the things which government is doing in Luanshya, Roan and in Zambia in general and the things that we are planning to do in all parts of the country,” said Lusambo.

“And I want to say that as PF we won’t allow any form of violence in Roan constituency, we want our people in Roan to enjoy the campaigns and to go and vote freely on that material day, we want free and fair elections. We don’t want to experience Mapatizya, we don’t want Mufumbwe in Roan, we don’t want what we experienced in Sesheke. Roan is a totally ball game all together and I can assure you that as far as we are concerned, we have an upper hand in scooping Roan because the people in Roan want to work with the government of the day.”