Some headmen in Katete and Chipata Districts of Eastern Province have asked MMD president Felix Mutati to contest as an individual party in 2021 saying PF neglected them after getting to power.

And the headmen also asked Mutati not to enter into any alliance in 2021.

They said this when Mutati and his entourage held a party mobilization tour of the two districts on Sunday.

“Mr Mutati you seem to be getting decided that you will stand in 2021. You confused us in 2016 that Mr Rupiah Banda said ‘let’s help Edgar Lungu and the PF’ and we gave him the vote but now we look like fools, we are not given respect because you (MMD) gave us a different leader. But today you have come saying you are starting your own field and we are saying yes start it because we ourselves will cultivate it. So in 2021, Mr Mutati you should contest because we are ready to vote for you. Today you have told us that you are still fighting with Mr Nevers Mumba but we will not wait for your fight. So the vote that we gave PF in 2016, we are still keeping it for MMD in 2021. So we want you to stand you to contest as a party in 2021 and not form an alliance with any other party,” one headman said.

Another headman appealed to Mutati to help revive the country in 2021.

“We still want the MMD back and that is why we are always ready to vote for the party all the time. Right now as we are talking, some civil servants have not been paid for six months. So Mr president we want you to help the country in 2021,” the headman said.

And one woman complained that PF had neglected its MMD alliance members and further urged Mutati to forge ahead with his ambitions for 2021.

“Like us Eastern MMD women, we used to walk long distances with children at the back helping PF because we were like children born out of wedlock in PF but today we are happy to have seen you our father. We were lost in PF, we were orphans in PF. Please don’t step backward now and stay focused,” said the MMD supporter.

Mutati told the supporters that he had heard their complaints on the party’s relationship with the PF.

Mutati directed his national secretary to start organizing a mini conference to analyze the relationship and decide on whether or not it should continue.