Copperbelt University Student Union (COBUSU) expelled president Lawrence Kasonde says his fellow expelled Union leaders will appeal to the Ministry of Higher Education to be reinstated a.

And National Democratic Congress (NDC) Copperbelt provincial chairman Chipoka Mulenga says the expulsion of the Copperbelt Students Union leaders was quite harsh and unfair.

In an interview with News Diggers! Tuesday, Kasonde argued that no students union leader from CBU had participated in the April riots.

“We have been advised to go to the Ministry of Higher Education, the grounds for expulsion are not on riotous behaviour, but that we interrupted the university’s activities. We were not even in school when all those things were happening, management had given us notices to vacate the school, which we did; we were served with those letters a month ago; we appealed, and last week we received the same (expulsion) letters! Six have been expelled and 5 suspended,” said Kasonde.

And Mulenga appealed to the CBU Vice-Chancellor to reconsider the decision and reinstate the students with a lesser punishment that would enable them to complete their studies.

“The students, along with others have already suffered stress and fatigue from a lengthy closure of the institution, it is punishment enough! The expulsion is the last thing that must be done. Kasonde is just a year from completing his studies, the government of Zambia has invested heavily in his four years of university education through allowances and academic knowledge. All that must not be thrown in the drain!” appealed Mulenga in a statement.

“Professor Naison Ngoma, (CBU Vice Chancellor) as a parent and academician should consider reinstating Kasonde! We further call on students across the country to desist from resorting to violence as a means of expressing themselves. Violence is never a solution to anything, but fuel to problems. Lastly, we ask the Ministry of Education to take full responsibility in addressing University and student needs in time to avoid unnecessary squabbles.”