Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema last Thursday asked PF media director Sunday Chanda why he insists on insulting him when he is just a citizen like everyone else.

This transpired at US Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote’s residence where the duo went to attend America’s 243rd Independence Day celebration.

Soon after the speeches, journalists dragged Hichilema to a convenient spot for interviews.

When the journalists finished their interviews with the opposition leader, Health Minister Dr Chilufya, accompanied by Chanda, walked towards Hichilema and greeted him.

Dr Chilufya was first to greet the opposition leader and then Chanda followed.

But as Chanda was approached Hichilema, the opposition leader asked him if he genuinely wanted to greet him after showering so many insults on him through various media platforms.

“Are you coming to greet me genuinely? Why do you insult me? Stop insulting me! I am a citizen like you [and] I am not going to leave this country for you. I have taken note of the insults,” Hichilema said.

However, Chanda gave Hichilema a listening ear while leaning on his shoulders and responded saying: “I hear you, Mr Hichilema, I hear you, sir.”

But in a brief interview with News Diggers! after the greeting, Chanda said Hichilema should be the bigger person by showing that he was able to handle criticism and tolerate insults as his PF counterpart equally did the same.

“If I were him, I would have played a bigger person and show that you are able to handle criticism. He thinks the insults they shower to Edgar Lungu are thin?” wondered Chanda.