UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says no one normal can vote for the PF government because they have destroyed the country.

And Hichilema says the people of Katuba should show their frustrations towards the PF by not voting for them in the upcoming Katuba by-election.

Speaking in Katuba after UPND candidate for Katuba, Bampi Kapalasa, filed in his nomination, Hichilema said there was no reason why one should vote for PF.

“This country has been destroyed by the PF. No one normal in their five senses can support what is happening in this country, no one normal, unless some one who has lost his mind because people are starving, marriages are dying because husbands are failing to feed their women, children are not receiving decent education in schools, Copperbelt University is closed, ati free education they are copying UPND policies because their minds are not there when they reduce fees they increase PTA funds that is cheating people. They are retiring people but they are not giving them retirement benefits, civil servants are not getting paid and now they have given them four per cent increment and ati Pabwato pabwato, Pabwato yaba nyoko (does the boat belong to your mother)? So tell whoever is making you to suffer that their days are numbered. That office is meant to serve the people not to steal from the people. What is happening [is that] every little money is that is there balachelele walya (they looting),” Hichilema said.

Hichilema called on the Katuba voters to emulate the people of Sesheke by not voting for the PF in the upcoming by election.

“My message is that imitate what the people Sesheke did. They gave them bicycles, mealie meal and money. So even you when they give you those things, accept knowing in your hearts that I am playing with them. When they bring mealie meal get, they bring bicycles get and use the same bicycle these looters are using to come attend UPND campaigns. Let us use our brains and play dont kubeba on them. They were saying more money in the pockets but actually no money, they where saying lower taxes but they meant more taxes. You want to drill a borehole ati taxes what type of leadership is this?” wondered Hichilema.

And Kapalasha said there was need to work together if the party was to win the up coming by-election.

Meanwhile, National Democratic Congress (NDC) secretary general Bridget Atanga advised Katuba voters to vote for the UPND refuse to be cheated by the ruling party.