PF Lusaka Province executive chairman Paul Moonga says the party provincial executive has agreed to open a night vendor’s market along Lumumba Road, which will be operational from 16:00 hours to morning.

And Moonga has asked the Divisional Traffic Officer (DTO) to arrest drivers and impound any buses that will be found parked at undesignated areas.

In an interview, Moonga said his party will now allow vending along Lumumba Road everyday from 16:00 hours until morning.

“For the vendors, we know that everybody wants money, but we have also observed that if you want to vend, let them vend around 16:00 hours up to morning and then leave the streets. If they want to sell in the streets, let them sell the whole night. Let them create a night market if they so wish,” Moonga said.

“As provincial executive committee, we have agreed that the vendors can come in the streets only along Lumumba Road at 16:00 hours because vendors are actually caused by you people who are smart, you don’t like going to the markets. People who are educated do not want to go into the markets. White-collar people like buying from the vendors. Real marketeers who know how to buy goods, go to the markets. So, I am saying to those white-collar people, we have opened a market for you in the evening because you don’t want to go into the markets. You are the ones that are encouraging vending.”

And Moonga said police should arrest bus drivers who park on the road, and impound busses found in undesignated places.

“Buses should go to designated areas, and any bus found loading anywhere, the police should take charge. We are not going to allow lawlessness as a party. We do not want to see buses parked where it is not designated for a bus station. And bus stops is only for dropping people and off you go. I have called the DTO Mr Malama to get the police on the move. Bus drivers should stop parking on the road. Any bus driver parking on the streets will be arrested! We need sanity in our city [and] we can’t allow people to park buses anywhere,” Moonga said in an interview.