The Zambia Police Service has condemned the resurfacing of counterfeit military fatigues among political party cadres, saying the trend must stop immediately.

Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo emphasised Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja’s directive to officers to arrest anyone found wearing such attire.

She was reacting to a picture that has gone viral on social media where a PF cadre is captured in an attire that resembles that of the military, with a gun in his waist.

Some journalists posted the picture in a Zambia Police WhatsApp group and asked Katongo why the trend was only criminal if once committed by the opposition and not the ruling party.

But Katongo said the trend was commonly practiced by both UPND and PF.

“I don’t think we have such a law which only criminalises acts by the opposition. And that’s not what I have said in my post,” she stated in the group.

Katongo stated that police would re-engage political parties and further appealed to the media to denounce such lawlessness.

“It is the law which forbids [such as] the Penal Code, Defence Act, Police Act, among others. In the recent past, we did a lot of sensitisation and we engaged political parties. That was when we saw the trend reduce and political parties opted for alternative attire both PF and UPND. We now see this trend coming back. We need to re-engage the political parties once more. Also, your voice as media or members of the public in denouncing such acts is vital. We did our best to discourage this. It’s just resurfacing. It was common practice by both PF and UPND. After conducting sensitisation, it ended. Offices who find anyone in such should bring them to book. The law is very clear,” she stated.

And asked if police were investigating the particular case, Katongo stated that she was not aware if the matter had been taken up.