Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa says he is currently keeping three cows at his newly built Leopards Hill road residence in order to save money from buying milk, given the tough economic times.

And Sampa has asked those claiming that he closed a road in order to accommodate his cows to lodge a formal complaint with the council.

In an interview, Sampa said in the next six months, he might start supplying milk to Parmalat.

“Yes I have three cows, I imported them from Mazabuka so I can supplement my domestic needs for milk. If I have excess milk, then I will supply to Parmalat. Most residents of Lusaka keep livestock in their home yards ranging from chicken, goats to horses. I only have three and won’t acquire more. Along Leopards Hill road, it’s generally designated as mixed use area that is for human and other ventures be it business related,” Sampa said.

“At my back yard, I am experimenting zero land grazing system meaning I will find grass (hay) and other supplement from outside and feed the cows. Four minutes drive down the same road, ones find a large herd of cows and Cooperative college and furthermore are visible including horses. I love cows. I worked on a farm before in Choma as a student trainee keeping and milking dairy animals. It is a popular practice globally where there is no vast land with the rise in the cost of living, I believe we should all find ways to reduce the number of trips to supermarkets. This is my way of exhibiting how to counter global economic challenges. Instead of complaining about the price of milk, I may just make money also when I become a milk supplier in the next six months.”

He said keeping three cows in his area was not illegal as long as they were not a nuisance to neighbors.

“My research at LCC is that keeping domestic animals is allowed in minimal numbers (dogs only two) and as long as it is not a nuisance to neighbors via noise pollution or other forms of community disturbances. My three cows are in peace and the house essentially has no near neighbors. The average neighbor is about 100 metres away,” said Sampa.

“And no, there is no road I have closed whatsoever. Those alleging so should first state the name of the road that I have closed. There has never been a car that has connected there into the main road. There has always been a huge open drainage towards the main road. My truth is the adjacent space where cows are was neither a road nor a road reserve. Those accusing me of closing a road should also care to mention the name of the road so we can check records and get same inspected. It has always been a small bush full of thuggery activities.”