Kabushi member of parliament Bowman Lusambo says it is foolish for anyone to think the Patriotic Front can leave the “sweet” it is enjoying in power.

And Lusambo says politicians are the ones who are useless and keep talking about tribe.

Meanwhile, Lusambo has accused UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema of being a Satanist and working with Nigerian Andrew Ejimadu who calls himself Seer 1.

Speaking during a public rally at Ndola’s Lubuto Market, Saturday, despite Home Affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo stopping all political activities on the Copperbelt following attacks on citizens, the Lusaka Province minister said Hakainde should not think the PF will just give up power in 2021 because it is “sweet”.

“You think we can leave the sweet we are feeling now? Bupuba ubo nomba (That is now foolishness). Hakainde, we are ready for you because our President Edgar Lungu, the Commander-in-Chief has delivered to the people of Zambia. Go anywhere, you will see development and and you think we can give up power?” Lusambo asked.

He assured the people of Kabushi that he would work on the dilapidated roads in the constituency.

“If I will not make this road, I will never come back to Kabushi. All the roads in Kabushi will be made. If there is someone who respects you it is Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” Lusambo told the people.

On high mealie meal prices, he said President Lungu does not rest and would ensure the prices of staple foods are reduced

“Mealie meal prices, President Edgar Lungu has said he will work on it. He has told me that the Minister of Agriculture is working so hard to ensure that the prices come down and they will come down,” Lusambo said.

He later donated a truck and a hearse for community use.

“Ba Edgar Lungu has given you this truck…So when we have the problems of funerals, we don’t have to suffer further. This truck is for the community. Let anyone use it even if they want to tell you lies. My half salary which I get from Edgar Lungu will be used to put fuel in this truck and hearse,” Lusambo said.

And Lusambo said the Zambian people should get united against tribal politics.

PF members Professor Nkandu Luo, who is Livestock and Fisheries Minister, Bizwell Mutale and Chanda Nyela recently made tribal remarks against the Tonga speaking people.

“We only have one language of being Zambian. This issue of talking of tribe is foolishness, we are one Zambia one nation. We the politicians are the ones who are useless and keep talking about tribe. Now what is this that we are talking about? Talking about tribe is ubututu, backward thinking. We and President Edgar Lungu are prepared. See this crowd of people? Just know that people have decided, we have not forced anyone to come to this meeting. They just heard that bulldozer (Lusambo) is at the market,” he said.

Meanwhile, the former MMD Die Hard youth coordinator has accused Hichilema of being a Satanist.

“Hakainde Hichilema is a Satanist and it is in white and black. He who works with Seer 1 is a Satanist…Now we have this guy called Hakainde Hichilema who has lost elections but does not want to give up and works with Seer 1… And this has made his leaders and followers to be dunderheads,” said Lusambo.