FORMER special assistant to the president for political affairs Kaizer Zulu has apologized for assaulting Chitambo PF member of parliament Chanda Mutale on March 21, saying the duo was drunk when the incident happened.

The altercation happened during a drinking spree at Lusaka’s East Park Mall.

In an earlier interview with News Diggers, Zulu refuted reports that he assaulted Mutale despite the member of parliament insulting President Edgar Lungu.

But in a statement, Zulu said he had misconstrued the insults hurled at him as being meant for the Head of State.

“Following the altercation which occurred at East Park Mall on 21st March 2020 involving myself and Chanda Mutale, Member of Parliament for Chitambo Constituency, I wish to state the following; That I have met with Mutale and discussed the unfortunate incident that took place at the Chicago Bar and Restaurant. I regret the altercation between me and my brother Mutale especially that the incident took place after we both took alcoholic beverages and were intoxicated,” Zulu said.

“We have taken counsel from friends and the leadership of the Zambia Police Command and I wish to announce that I have buried whatever differences I may have had with my brother and I intend to work with him in harmony.”

He further apologized for dragging the name of President Lungu in the matter.

” Consequently, I wish to state that I inadvertently dragged the name of His Excellency, President Edgar Lungu, in the issue which was purely a private and personal altercation between me and Mutale. That I misconstrued the alleged insults hurled at me by Hon. Mutale as if they were targeted at the Head of State when in fact not,” said Zulu.

“This misrepresentation of what transpired is deeply regretted and I sincerely and unreservedly apologize to the President. It is also my desire that my perceived differences with Mutale will be resolved privately and outside the confines of the Zambia Police as we belong to one political family of the Patriot Front (PF).”