UPND national chairperson Mutale Nalumango says Zambians must kick out PF in 2021 because it is unacceptable to block opposition parties from engaging citizens via various media platforms.

And Nalumango says the PF is full of law breakers who deceived Zambians that they were democratic.

Last week, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was blocked from featuring on a paid for radio program on Mpika radio after area district commissioner Moses Katebe directed that the program should not proceed saying the opposition was not welcome in the area.

But in an interview, Nalumango said Zambians would judge PF’s deeds appropriately in 2021.

“To them it is not about a radio, that means that DC is blocking every radio station but let us warn them that some of these things they are doing, the criminalities they are doing, they will answer as individuals. At the right time, they will answer, the law will catch up with them. A person should not be abnormal. Every time you are given an office or you are promoted, read the regulations, what guides your office, what are your mandates, you can’t be so excessive. We don’t know where to go to because under administrative law, they will tell you these are excesses, they are not following the law, they are going beyond their mandate. So it is very saddening but we will continue to reach out. And Mpika people, you know there is social media also they have read that they were supposed to have been with HH but he has been stopped, we don’t know whether they will stop all the social media, they are capable but Zambians will not be stopped. Vote them out,” Nalumango said.

“We will continue [engaging the Zambian people], you know what, the police today are the Zambian people, the courts today are the Zambians, the verdict must be made come 2021. We are depending on the people but we will continue to use some radio stations that have strong people because the DC has no right to go and command a radio station not to cover us, that is wrong. We will continue to fight our way, we have a right, and we are not the law breakers let Zambians judge. This is failure of governance, ba Lungu must wake up, ba Lungu must direct, ba Lungu will not remain in office forever, this PF will not remain in office forever, you have to be able to live beyond your political office and interact with people. What they have done is evil, it is not correct, it’s unlawful but we will continue. I will call on Zambians to be strong and kick out these anarchists. This is criminal.”

She said the only reason why a district commissioner would act in such a manner was the poor state of governance institutions.

“I was minister information, everyone published what they believed was right. Now what do they want, this desperation must be a wake-up call. The DC was a civil servant, a non-political person and it still is by law. But the DC of today can go in the campaign, the DC of today is not a civil servant, he doesn’t even hide, he is aPF and who is paying him? You are paying that DC, not PF. Where have we come to? That is wrong! Because today, institutions of governance are spoiled that is why a DC can behave like that because he knows or she knows there is nowhere where she will be taken, we seem to have no recourse, the people that are supposed to help us interpret the law don’t seem to help because that is breaking the Constitution,” Nalumango said.

And Nalumango said the PF was full of law breakers.

“What kind of a country are you? Zambians must wake up because one day, they will wake up with complete takeover because even now, this is a dictatorship, and there is no other way you can call this PF. The only thing is they can deceive people that they are democratic, they should have told people to decide whether they want a democratic government or they want a dictatorship, authoritarian, this is pure anarchy because in a dictatorship there are rules that guide that kind of scenario but these are law breakers,” she said.

“I am constrained in my talking, I am constrained to use the right civil words, that ignorant DC and it’s not only him, this is Lungu himself, this is PF. How do you tell people, they have taken over completely the public media? If they quote me on public media, it will be because they think I have said something stupid and not because they want to promote you, that is at ZNBC. I was minister of information, let somebody say there was such a regulation, whoever worked at ZNBC, let them say there was a time I even walked there or wrote a circular that they should not cover certain people or even by implication.”

And Nalumango said PF did not understand proper governance.

“We want to continue and thank you that Zambians are listening because sometimes people tell us, “you UPND, why don’t you go out and talk to people”, in October beginning of November, I was there in Northern and Luapula where people are running after me like a common criminal, where policemen can block a road, holding hands for me not to turn, followed all the way the whole day because I shouldn’t turn and talk to anybody. Where the PF cadres can post on social media all over that we will deal with her, we will beat her, we will kill her, which police can I go to? It is not about a radio station to them, everything is theirs. You know, if there are people that don’t understand governance, they don’t understand democracy, so for them, that is their area. We have experience, I have been there where physically, you are told you can’t be here, why can’t I be here? this is PF,” said Nalumango.