VICE-President Inonge Wina says just like the PF promised, there is now money in “some” people’s pockets and a lot of jobs have been created.

And Vice-President Wina says it is alarming that opposition UPND leaders delight in promoting hooliganism judging by their failure to condemn the booing of President Edgar Lungu in Monze.

Meanwhile, Vice-President Wina says the Anti-Corruption Commission does its work without any interference.

During Vice-President’s question time in parliament, Friday, Moomba UPND member of parliament wanted to know why the PF government had not fulfilled its campaign promises of providing more money in people’s pockets.

In response, Vice-President Wina said some people’s pockets had money.

“Mr Speaker, indeed there is money in some people’s pockets. This government has created a lot of jobs in the districts through the creation of new districts. Quite a number of young men and women have been employed as pubic workers in these areas. This government has embarked on a robust infrastructure development of roads, hospitals and schools. And at these construction sites, there have been a lot of young people employed in the various categories and they have definitely earned money. So, it does not necessarily mean that this government has not done much to support the livelihoods of our people. And with stimulus packages now introduced, more people will be able to gain extra income from their economic activities,” Vice-President Wina said.

And Vice-President Wina said it was alarming that opposition UPND leaders delighted in promoting hooliganism.

“Let me begin by stating that clearly, I am deeply saddened and disappointed by the behaviour of all those involved in this very unpleasant act against the Head of State. And to assume that this is an expression of human rights and democracy is indeed to miss the point. On 11th August 2016, Zambians exercised their democratic rights to vote and elected Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu as President of the Republic of Zambia. It follows then that President Lungu is the President of all Zambians regardless of political standing and voting patterns and is therefore entitled to an appropriate reception as Head of State in any part of this country,” she said.

“Furthermore, Mr Speaker, our Zambian culture and indeed African culture, in general, encourages us to respect our elders and leaders in society and treat them with dignity. It goes without saying that the position of Head of State necessitates the utmost respect from all Zambians regardless of political affiliations. And it is therefore regrettable that some negative elements want to tarnish Zambia’s record of political stability by sowing the seed of discontent and disturbance in their constituencies. I am alarmed that to-date, we have not seen any of the political leaders from the particular constituency where these ugly events took place, stand up and condemn the behaviour of the cadres. That in itself speaks volumes, but I will leave it to the Zambian people to make their own judgement on certain leaders who delight in promoting hooliganism.”

Meanwhile, when asked by Chikankata UPND member of parliament Justine Mwiinga on why the PF government was failing to ask its corruption-charged ministers to step aside to allow the ACC do its work freely, Vice-President Wina responded saying; “The ACC is at liberty to investigate anyone including senior leaders in government. And this work is ongoing as can be seen from the cases that have been taken to courts of law. So, the executive does not interfere with the work of the ACC whatsoever.”

Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu also asked Vice-President Wina to clarify on the sentiments attributed to some cabinet ministers that the opposition would not be allowed to campaign in prisons despite the ConCourt’s ruling that voters had the right to vote.

In her response, Vice-President Wina said no political party was allowed to campaign in correction facilities.

“No political party has been allowed to canvas for votes from prison service centres, not even the ruling party. The Patriotic Front is not allowed to. If the commissioner-general of the correctional services had made a statement, government has not yet received an official presentation of that report. It might have been an utterance on his part at that time but as far as government is concerned, we have not received any written report from the director-general. Secondly, Mr Speaker, there is no policy yet governing the conduct of political parties in correctional service. So, if the honourable members want this to be brought to the House, that will be done but for now, we are saying that no political party should go into correctional service to campaign for a vote,” Vice-President Wina responded.

And asked by Lundazi Independent member of parliament Lawrence Nyirenda on whether or not government had plans to introduce a Coronavirus allowance for members of parliament in order to be in conformity with other countries, Vice-President Wina said MPs should instead share their allowances with their electorates.

“I think the opposite should prevail. It’s the members of parliament who should share their small allowances with the people in their communities and in their constituencies who have been impacted negatively by Coronavirus. And I do not believe that parliament has plans to introduce a stimulus package to support the members of parliament,” Vice-President responded.

Meanwhile, when asked by Ikelengi UPND member of parliament Elijah Muchima if PF members were immune from COVID-19 judging by their continued holding of social gatherings, Vice-President Wina said receiving defectors did not require police permission.

“Receiving defectors is not conducting a public meeting. The UPND has also been conducting its own meetings in the name of not only card renewal but intra-party elections. Receiving defectors is not a constitutional issue but a social issue. You cannot stop people from defecting from one party to the other. There are also individuals who are also defecting from the PF, maybe to other parties. But these are not planned meetings where the police have to give permission. So, the COVID-19 has come for everybody and I don’t think it’s the PF members alone who will die from this disease,” responded Vice-President Wina.