MOVEMENT for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) national secretary Elizabeth Chitika says Raphael Nakachinda will soon be nabbed and brought to brutal justice for masquerading as an MMD member.

And Chitika says MMD will participate in the forthcoming parliamentary and local government elections.  

On Sunday, a faction of the MMD led by Nakacinda held a national executive committee meeting and made resolutions to the effect that they would soon be doing mobilizations in preparation for this year’s general convention.

“It is without a doubt that everyone knows that the MMD convention is due. The true spirit of democracy entails that we must hold intra-party elections as prescribed in Article 60 of the Republican Constitution and in our party constitution and MMD members have been calling for a convention to be held before the 2021 general elections. We wish to announce today that a convention is a must and it is unstoppable, ” Nakacinda said.

“Therefore, the National Executive Committee resolved to put in place two(2) sub-committees which shall coordinate all programs concerning mobilization and elections from the lower organs in preparation for the convention. And these committees shall operate under the theme; “Operation Save MMD.”

Nakacinda said all those who were expelled from MMD by Mumba would not leave the party but that it was the MMD president who should go.

“The National Executive committee meeting has resolved to take any appropriate action in order to restore sanity on this matter. Dr Mumba cannot chase the only MPs that we have that adds credence to the party, that is madness of the highest order. Instead of MPs leaving the party, instead it’s Nevers Mumba who must go, Nevers Mumba must leave. Having illegally purported to have expelled the MPs, he now wants to go and embarrass the party by fielding candidates in Lukashya and Mwansabombwe who are of no consequence,” said Nakacinda.

But speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka, Monday, Chitika said Nakacinda remained expelled and had no right to speak on behalf of the MMD.

“Let me state clearly that every dog has its day. Nakacinda will find what he is looking for and that day is not far. In the meantime, let me restate for the 100th time that he is not a member of our party. He remains expelled and has no single right to speak on behalf of the MMD. It is laughable that the expelled MPs were announcing their expulsion from the party. I can confirm that we have indeed expelled them because they do not work with the party. The reasons which they gave the public yesterday are their own imagination. The MMD is a party of discipline and order and shall not compromise its values for overrated individuals who believe their mere connection to PF is the license to arrogance,” Chitika said.

She said her party had decided to participate in the forth coming by-elections.

“We are participating in the forth coming by-elections. Our campaign teams are on the ground and we are excited that after such a long time of absence from elections, we are back again. We are looking forward to a good, violence free and issue based campaign. For Nakacinda and his band of stick-ons, all he lives for is to please the Patriotic Front. When we say they are not MMD this is what we mean. If they even were remotely members of this party, they would be excited to contest in elections and not endorse another party,” Chitika added.

“For 3 and half years when they illegally posed as leaders of our party, all they were, was to be dancing queens at PF events. Even now, in their shock, all they wish to be is to be mercenaries for another political party against another. The simpler thing for them to do is to openly join the Patriotic Front, but of course that would cut of funding for their mercenary activities such as they had the other day. What a terrible and hopeless life to lead. No purpose, no dignity and no certain future.”

Meanwhile, Chitika warned the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) to distance themselves from Nakacinda’s statement about PF having an alliance with MMD.

“On the other hand, we wish to warn the PF about these so called endorsements from Nakacinda. Everyone can see that all that Nakacinda is doing is putting up a dance (as his name seems to suggest) for them. But it is for the PF to continue to pay him for his dances while their own members remain without help,” said Chitika.

“We wish to warn that, should they carry that falsehood of the so called alliance, into the campaign we shall petition the election. In the same vein, We have also written to the Elections body (ECZ) about this act of provocation ahead of the by elections. We demand that the PF publicly distance themselves from Nakacinda’s statement about MMD supporting the PF candidate in the forth coming by-elections. If they don’t, we wish to put it on record that we shall petition these elections.”