CHIFUBU PF member of parliament Frank Ng’ambi has asked the National Assembly to add his vote to the 105 MPs who voted for Bill 10, claiming that even if he supported the Bill, his vote did not count as the electronic system froze.

But Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala could not immediately issue a ruling on the matter, saying she would have to first consult the ICT Department.

Speaking when he rose on a point of order in Parliament, Friday, Ng’ambi said even if it was in the public domain that he supported the Bill, he could not cast his vote as the electronic system froze on him.

“Madam chairperson, yesterday (Thursday) the 29th of October 2020, Bill 10 was presented before the floor of this House and Bill 10, Madam Speaker, was meant to benefit the Zambian people as it was progressive and was meant to address many challenges that the Zambian people have been experiencing. But, however, Madam Speaker, one of the issues that came out yesterday is the same issue that we are experiencing this morning that from time to time, the system at this National Assembly keeps freezing and at the time of the vote, Madam Speaker [it] froze and I was unable to vote! And as you may be aware, I supported the Bill and my name was supposed to appear among those who should have voted on yes,” Ng’ambi claimed.

He asked if the National Assembly could change the details and add his vote to the 105 who voted ‘yes.’

“Now, that my name did not appear and I have publicly declared that it was my intention that I was to support Bill 10, since that the system failed me…as it did not register me as being present, and I am publicly declaring, will the records at the National Assembly be changed so that I become the number 106 among those that voted yesterday (Thursday) because it was the system that failed me? I, therefore, seek your serious ruling, Madam Chairperson,” Ng’ambi asked.

But Deputy Speaker Namugala reserved her ruling, saying she would have to consult the ICT Department on Ng’ambi’s request.

“I reserve my ruling for obvious reasons that I have to consult the ICT Department so that a ruling can be delivered. That is my position,” ruled Deputy Speaker Namugala.