PRAY for yourselves before you come to ask for prayers, Catholic Diocese of Ndola Bishop Benjamin Phiri has told PF Secretary General Davies Mwila.

During the ordination of eight priests in Ndola, Mwila had asked that the Church to pray for the leaders in government.

“Without love and peace, there will be no development and that is why we have seen political violence because of lack of love for one another. And as a party, we ask the Church for your prayers so that there is peace in our Country in view of the fact that we are approaching the 2021 general elections.”

However, Bishop Phiri said leaders must begin to pray for themselves.

“I am happy that the PF Chief Executive Officer is assuring us of his party’s commitment to peace and love, justice and fair play and as a Church, we will continue to pray for you as our leaders but you should also pray for yourselves,” said Bishop Phiri.

“We would love to see this love among all Zambians, regardless of ethnic or political inclinations because when we come to Church, we are all one as Children of God.”

Meanwhile, Mwila said with love in place, the Country was assured of a peaceful, free and fair 2021 general election.

He also said the PF would continue working with the Church and offer support as a party and government, adding that the two were partners in development.

“We need to love one another as a people for this is the greatest commandment that God has given us,” said Mwila.

“For us as the PF, we will continue working with the Church even when others are saying we just go to Churches and we know the Church is not a structure, but we believe in working together as partners.”

Meanwhile, Fr. Ferena Lambe, the Conventual Franciscan Minister Provincial for Zambia and Malawi, said the Church believes in collaboration.

“As Friars, be assured of our Cooperation wherever you are. We are partners with the government and rest assured of our prayers and support because we believe in working together between the Ecclesiastical and Civil state,” said Fr Lambe.