HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says President Edgar Lungu has done so much for the country compared to a liar who promises to fix things.

And Kampyongo has reiterated that the safe city project will ensure that cities and communities are monitored against any form of criminal activities, including terrorism.

Speaking when he commissioned and handed over newly constructed housing units to the Zambia Police Service in Chongwe district, Thursday, Kampyongo wondered how a person who had lost elections five times and was yet to lose for the sixth time could fix anything.

“Sometimes people don’t appreciate you when they need to and unfortunately, they want to appreciate you when you are gone, sometimes when you are gone six fit under. It is important that people appreciate what they are able to see. The President has done so much in this country. When President Sata died President Lungu took over and continued his works. Naise bonse twalikonka same route iyakubombela abantu not ati fixing, fixing what? Fix yourself. Muna mvela waboza ati fix, fix yourself first, waluza five times uluze naka six ufixinga chani? Aini azimai ungazimvele izo? Ati nizabala mwana bwino, bazankako ba bala bana? (We have all followed the same route of working for the people rather than remarks suggesting that you will fix it, fix what? Fix yourself. You have heard this liar saying ‘fix it’ you have lost five times, you will lose for the sixth time. What are you fixing? You women, can you believe that? A person saying ‘I will conceive one day’, when your friends are conceiving)?” Kampyongo said.

He told Chongwe residents that they should be proud that the government had delivered in that area.

“The area member of Parliament mentioned earlier that Chongwe lagged behind in terms of development. But you all know that ever since PF formed government, you are able to see things isn’t it? The airport is here, you have the university, you have the roads, even if someone doesn’t like you, they should like the work you do. Politics is a job to work for the people and bring what they want. You should be very proud that this government has delivered to the people of Chongwe. My ministry is assuring the people of Chongwe that a robust plan for infrastructure development has been put in place for the police service and Chongwe district is one of our priority areas. The plan includes a modern police station, more housing units will be constructed very soon. These houses we built in some places where they did not vote for us because our officers are working everywhere in this country,” he said.

And Kampyongo said the safe city project was would ensure that cities and communities were monitored against any form of criminal activities.

“I want to say that all these things we are doing are being done in the best interest of our citizens to guarantee peace and security which are essential for social and economic development of the country. As you have heard from the IG, these houses are constructed from a safe city project being spearheaded by our hardworking contractor ZTE from the Republic of China. The safe city project is yet another enormous project that will ensure that our cities and communities are monitored against any form of criminal activities including terrorism,” Kampyongo said.

Meanwhile, Kampyongo ordered Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to deal with people that duped others in the recruitment exercise.

“I want to appeal to all those that have applied to be shortlisted to be patient because the recruitment has been taken to the provinces and we expect that our citizens from the provinces can participate. The number might not be so much but we are grateful to the President for giving us this slot. IG, deal with these chaps who are duping our innocent citizens appropriately because you now have the law, the cyber security law is in place. So those who are duping people be it on Facebook using my name as minister and that of yourself IG must be taught a lesson. But to the members of the public please don’t listen to anyone on social media go to the appropriate offices where you will be advised on what to do,” he said.

Kampyongo also said officers should apply the Public Order Act fairly.

“The law we have is the public order act and that is a law you shall administer as we go into the general elections, apply it fairly and ensure that our officers are firm in the ground. That law is important for all of us because we have our rights that must be protected at every time. I therefore urge the IG to ensure that the police command here are assured they don’t have to take sides; they have to be professional at all times. I was surprised to hear that just yesterday some excited members of some political party who were on a truck ended up being injured in the process those are things we are not going to tolerate. If we as politicians don’t care about the lives of our supporters then we are not worth being in leadership because leadership is anchored on the people,” said Kampyongo.