PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza says the party has not received any letter from Edify Hamukale regarding his alleged resignation from the party.

And Mwanza says as a member of the Central Committee, Hamukale knows the established channels when one wants to resigns.

Reports circulating on social media indicate that Hamukale, who is former Southern Province minister and losing Mazabuka Central PF Parliamentary candidate has resigned from the party and from his position as a member of the Central Committee.

But in an interview, Mwanza said the PF was not aware of Hamukale’s resignation.

“As far as we are concerned as a party we have not received any letter from comrade Edify Hamukale. We are in the dark. We do not know whether that letter which is circulating is authentic or not. The party has not received any communication. The party is an established institution with established structures. Anyone who wants to communicate with the party, they know the established channels to use. The party must know what is going on and if somebody wants to make a decision there are appropriate channels and mechanisms which anybody can use to reach out to relevant authorities to deal with matters of such nature,” said Mwanza.

“So as a party we will not be looking for Mr Edify Hamukale because the channels have already been established. We are sure that if he makes such a decision, he knows as a member of the Central Committee the established channels. You need to write the letter to the secretary general. For the sake of resigning from the Central Committee, you have to write to the president of the party that they have resigned. So they can write a letter to the SG or the president and we do not have a letter from comrade Edify Hamukale.”

Efforts to get a comment from Hamukale proved futile as his phone was unreachable.