POLICE in Ndola have arrested a Somali national for murdering his neighbour.

According to police, the suspect reported the murder case to the police, claiming that unknown people had murdered his neighbour.

Police have since charged Amar Hussain, 24, with murder and aggravated robbery.

“On December 31, Hussain of house number 3121 Skyways, a manager at Hussein company situated in Ndeke Township reported that he discovered Mohamed Ali Sahro’s naked body lying in a pool of blood in the sitting room. Hussain told police officers that he went to check on Sahro when found the gate and kitchen door open. He said when he knocked, there was no response and he was forced to enter the house. Hussain told police that when he entered the house, he found the body of the deceased lying face downwards on the ground, in the pool of blood. When police officers rushed to scene, they found Sahro’s body lying in a pool of blood in the sitting room,” said some police sources.

“After inspecting the body, the officers discovered that Sahro sustained a deep cut on the back of her head and a swollen face. But, after investigations, it has been established that Hussain actually murdered Sahro for unknown reasons.”

Copperbelt acting commanding officer Tresphord Kasale confirmed Hussain’s arrest in Ndola.

Kasale said it was possible that Sahro was also raped because some semen was found in her private parts.

“I can confirm that we have arrested a suspect, Amar Hussain aged 24 for the offence of aggravated robbery and murder,” said Kasale.