MATERO PF member of parliament Miles Sampa says Given Lubinda should find another surety to replace him in his court case because he himself is withdrawing.

And Sampa says anyone who will disrupt his campaign for party presidency will be cited for contempt.

On Thursday, Lusaka High Court Judge Timothy Katenekwa granted Sampa an ex-parte order of interim injunction, restraining  Lubinda and Chilangwa from suspending or expelling him.

Judge Katenekwa further restrained Lubinda and Chilangwa from holding themselves out as acting president and secretary general of the PF until the final determination of Sampa’s suit against them.

Speaking when he went live on his Facebook page, Thursday evening, Sampa said Lubinda should find another surety now that they had a conflict of interest.

“My friend Honourable Lubinda, now former acting president, it turns out now we have conflict of interest. There’s a court case where I’m the plaintiff and he’s the defendant. In one of these cases I was his surety. So I would like to remind him that in the next 48 hours, I’m withdrawing my surety. When he needed the surety all those people; ba Chilangwa, ba Kampyongo, honourable Remember Mutale, they were all running away. We were telling them come and get introductory letters from Parliament so that you can go and bail honorable Lubinda . They were running away. Me, I brought my letter and went and bailed him together with honourable Kalima,” Sampa said.

“Even when honourable Chishimba Kambwili needed sureties, the other MPs [ran]away, me I’m ever available to help because they are my brothers. I don’t know what’s between them and police cases, I’m not interested but I was always available to help them. So honourable Lubinda, I’m withdrawing my surety because we have a report, so find somebody tomorrow to replace you. Those that you trust, ask the same drunkard master Chilangwa to replace you because those are the same people that have been lying about me and honourable Lubinda believed them”.

And Sampa said after rejoining PF, the same people who allegedly frustrated him out of the party are now telling him that they did him a favour by allowing him back.

“There’s this party called PF, we all arrived there and as a member, all of us have one percent share. I was there since 2001, in 2015 whatever happened, happened. New people arrived, according to them PF started in 2015. They came and harassed the likes of me out of PF, frustrated me out. Then I came back after two, three years, the same people now are saying we did you a favour. So you come from the village and find a child home, you frustrate that child out and you stay there, then they come back like a prodigal son, then you, who came from the village start saying ‘I have done you a favour’. That’s what I get every day, that we did you a favour. A favour? No, this is an organisation, may it abide by the constitution,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sampa said anyone who would disrupt his campaign for party presidency would be cited for contempt.

“In God’s wisdom, I win at the next convention in March, and I’m confident, if I emerge victorious mine is to unite everybody, not segregating anyone. Even somebody who will join tomorrow, even those who have gone, we will encourage them to come back and unite and follow through the objectives of this institution. We are looking for the majority and I’m confident. I have met the bonafide PF delegates and officials in the five provinces, that’s Eastern, Southern, North-western, Western and part of Central. And I’m going to the other ones be it tomorrow or next day and anyone who stops me will be [in] contempt. Or anyone who tries to masquerade that they are the leader of PF will be [in] contempt, we will cite you. Any agent who calls anyone who’s PF in any constituency or district to discourage them from talking to me, it’s contempt,” said Sampa.