A group of Patriotic Front youths led by the infamous Julius Komaki is calling for the removal of secretary general Davies Mwila on grounds that he has failed to mobilise the party. Among other reasons, the cadres blame Mwila for the Sesheke and Roan by-election losses, adding that President Lungu’s concern that the top party leadership misleads him falls squarely on the secretary general. So, they want Mwila out in 48 hours.

“If he cannot resign on moral grounds, then we will go and remove him! There is no individual who is bigger than the party. When you have failed [then] you have failed! There is no way you can pretend. The man is not indispensable because he has failed to organise a small constituency in Chipili. And the major problem is he has been lying to the President,” said Komaki.

President Lungu and Mr Mwila himself would like the public to believe that this is nothing, but a useless attempt by little nonentities in the party trying to flex their egos. But both Mwila and President Lungu know that there is more to this than meets the eye. That is why they have unleashed a rival group and cadres with like venom to retaliate. The very fact that Komaki, a nobody with no title in the party structures can openly launch an onslaught on the sitting secretary general of the ruling party raises the question, “who is behind him?”

They say a frog does not run in the daytime for nothing. Something must have pushed this ‘toad’ called Komaki to act so much against his political stature; there must be some sort of catalytic backing. Mr Mwila and his President have a very good reason to be very afraid, the anti-Lungu campaign within the PF is real and it will show itself more visibly as we approach 2021.

They say those who live by the sword die by the sword. As a product of violence, Mr Lungu’s Presidency is very likely to be taken away from him through the same process. It will not be a fair or democratic removal from the PF leadership. The same way he was elected by the show of pangas at the controversial PF convention in Kabwe, is the same way he will be ousted. The same violence that put Mr Lungu in office will take him out.

Mr Lungu shouldn’t think this is too far-fetched. By openly threatening to physically hound Mwila out of office, the cadres are sending a message to the President that they are ready to wage a war on Mwila and his appointing authority. If he rubbishes this campaign against Mwila, Komaki and the gang will go for the President himself next. The more money they spend on mobilizing the anti-Komaki crusade, the higher the momentum of the internal wrangles. If President Lungu protects Mwila whom the cadres don’t want, they will go for him!

And President Lungu may wonder where all this is coming from, but that’s only because he has not been listening. Forget this nonsense about losing the Sesheke and Roan elections, the issue here is that the youths are complaining that the President, his ministers and top PF officials are stealing and enjoying alone, leaving the grassroots in misery! They just read scandals in the newspapers, but they are not beneficiaries of the on-going plunder.

The PF youths have watched how their bosses in the party in collusion with those who occupy Cabinet positions have been abusing their powers to conduct illegal deals and get rich. When they intercepted trucks loaded with smuggled Mukula logs, the same bosses who are conniving with the Chinese to steal moved swiftly to arrest the youths because they want to continue eating alone. It took Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) to bail them out.

And talking about KBF, we recall that it took his efforts in 2014 to wake up a High Court Judge at 02:00 hours to sign an injunction restraining the convention in Kabwe that was convened by Guy Scott to elect Miles Sampa as the PF presidential candidate. After obtaining an injunction against Sampa’s convention, High Court Judge Mulenga Mungeni then adjourned the matter to a day after the official ECZ nomination day, thereby, technically knocking out the man who is now going cuckoo in the Mayor’s office. This was all KBF’s plan to secure Mr Lungu’s Presidency.

But look around; who is the first PF member to declare his intentions to remove President Lungu from office? It is the same KBF. Why? Karma! Let’s be honest, it’s not true that KBF is motivated by Mr Lungu’s lack of leadership qualities. The man knew the President better than all of us did, but he pushed him to State House nevertheless. So, KBF’s desire to remove the President from office is motivated by the fact that after settling in State House, Mr Lungu turned greedy and started belittling those that helped him get to the top. He has now found new rich friends like Mr Valden Findlay and decided to discard the KBFs.

What we are saying is that, Mr Lungu is a product of violence, sponsored by selfish and greedy motives, and as karma dictates, he will be removed by the same process that put him in State House. This is the beginning of “Lungu must go” volume one, courtesy of KBF and Komaki.