THE president of Lusaka, Mr Bowman Lusambo, says it’s foolish for anyone else to think that the Patriotic Front is just going to surrender power after the 2021 general elections, and give up all the sweet that he and other party members are enjoying. The Kabushi member of parliament says bupuba ubo, because power is too sweet to give up and they are enjoying.

In his own words: “You think we can leave the sweet we are feeling now? Bupuba ubo nomba (that is now foolishness). Hakainde, we are ready for you because our President, Edgar Lungu, the Commander-in-Chief, has delivered to the people of Zambia. Go anywhere, you will see development and and you think we can give up power?” asked Honourable Lusambo.

Now, we understand this reasoning very well, and we also know that it did not take place in the head, but in the stomach. This is the problem that people who think with their stomachs face, their mouths are always in conflict with common sense when they speak. Honourable Lusambo has left his stomach to do the thinking for him and what his mouth speaks comes straight from the bowels. It’s no wonder it sticks!

But we will help those who don’t fully understand where the Honourable Minister and now President of Lusaka is coming from. Until 2016, Mr Lusambo was a panga-wielding MMD cadre, feeding off the crumbs from Pastor Nevers Mumba’s table and Rupiah Banda before that. He had nothing, but a special skill in thuggery which enabled him to thrive as a hired attack dog. Major Richard Kachingwe can attest to this. Today, he is flying the Zambian flag, dressed in expensive suits bought from corruption money but his brain has remained in the gutter.

This man’s language speaks volumes about how terrified he is of going back to the streets, to the poverty, after he has known so much luxury. He did not get into power to serve the people but to enjoy the same sweet that he is talking about. It must be known that this sweet which the Minister of Lusaka is talking about is not his salary but the illegal deals that he continues to engage in. He knows that once he leaves power, he will be taken to court to explain his sudden wealth.

The people of Zambia must know that what this man is talking about is what is on the mind of many other ministers, all the way to mudala wa kasaka ka ndalama. They are all afraid of going back to the poverty that they left. They are also afraid of going to jail. That’s why they are not willing to surrender power. This thinking means, throughout their time in office, they have been doing nothing but looking for means of accumulating wealth and prolonging their stay in power – beyond the people’s wish.

But this arrogant minister must be reminded that he is enjoying the sweet that he never sweated for. Those who helped create the sweet that Mr Lusambo is enjoying are suffering. Look at Dr Guy Scott! Ba Bowman Lusambo can stand and say “we are enjoying the sweet and we can’t just give up power”, but the person who slept in the bush to secure this sweet power has been abandoned! Michael Sata’s vice-president has been packed at the farm, left to die. But someone who was pelting stones at the Patriotic Front founders is bragging that he is enjoying the sweet. People should have shame! Insoni ebuntu, as Chishimba Kambwili would say.

Posterity will surely judge this regime very harshly. On Dr Guy Scott, President Lungu has also demonstrated how cruel he is. We understand that the sick old man did not support his candidacy as Sata’s successor, but the bitterness that has been shown towards him is inhuman and unZambian. We remember the President said Dr Scott is not his friend because they don’t drink together, but Mr Lungu must remember that he is supposed to be a President for all Zambians. We can’t all be in one bar to drink with the boss in order to get his favour.

Those in power must always remember that nothing lasts for ever. They can refuse to surrender power in 2021, but time will come for them to go. Africa is on a path of getting rid of dictators, and politicians who want to swim against this tide must think twice. We know the PF is very serious about refusing to surrender power. In fact, they have done it before. In 2014, after Sata died, the acting President who happened to be Edgar Lungu, refused to surrender power to the substantive vice-president, Guy Scott, in accordance with the Constitution.

President Lungu was literally forced to give up power to Scott; that’s where the bitterness came from. Again in 2016, after his re-election was challenged in court, President Lungu refused to surrender executive powers to the Speaker of the National Assembly in accordance with the law. So, we know they mean business when they say they will not surrender power in 2021. That’s why in Chilubi, the Head of State was saying if you are planning to change government, mukaloba ilyauma (meaning you will not succeed).

Like we stated in one of our editorial opinions of late last year, President Lungu is riding a tiger, he knows that if he climbs down, it will chew him. The statement from Honourable Lusambo is testimony that the Head of State is not the only one riding a tiger. They are scared of going to jail. The sad news is that they may delay the journey to prison, but they will eventually arrive. The good news is that they are a lot of them, so they won’t feel lonely.