ZAMBIA Railways employees, who were this morning locked out by management for demanding better wages, have finally been allowed into the premises.

The workers have been demanding better conditions of service but when they arrived at the office in Kabwe at 08:00 hours this morning, the gate was locked and guards them access.

In a Facebook post, Kabwe Central PF member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube had threatened to take legal action against the parastatal to compel it to consider the worker’s demands.

“Zambia Railways Limited in Kabwe this morning has locked its workers outside for lawfully demanding better conditions of service. Government has injected a huge amount of money in the operations of the parastatal. The company has lost in its profits as a result of alleged company mismanagement. We will sue on their behalf and compel management to negotiate,” Ngulube posted this morning.

However, in a follow-up posting four hours later, Ngulube announced that the employees had finally been allowed in, saying he would monitor negotiations to ensure that the outcome satisfied both parties.

“After negotiations with the management they have agreed to allow workers to go in start work. My office will monitor negotiations to ensure that there is win win situation,” read Ngulube’s post.