The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has destroyed 696 bricks of cigarettes which were smuggled into the country.

And ZRA has donated donated 133 cases of sugar and 10 cases of cooking worth over K35,000 to vulnerable groups in Livingstone.

In a statement, Thursday, ZRA communications manager Topsy Sikalinda encouraged importers to comply with the law.

“696 bricks of cigarettes worth K42,723.23 have also been destroyed in line with the provisions of the customs and excise act chapter 322, sections 204 (1) (b).
The authority will ensure that smuggling is brought to an end at all costs to protect the Zambian economy. Smuggling promotes unfair competition as it affects market prices and impacts negatively on the economy,” Sikalinda stated.

“Our appeal to the importers is that, the route to smuggling is long, rough and risky while the route to compliance is very short, smooth and dignified. Therefore, importers are encouraged to take the smooth route to compliance. As ZRA, we will serve and respect compliant taxpayers and importers who follow the laid down procedures while firmly punishing those who decide to disobey the law.”

And ZRA donated some sugar and cooking oil to vulnerable groups in Livingstone.

“The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has donated 133 cases of sugar and 10 cases of cooking worth over K35,000 to vulnerable groups in Livingstone which include Maramba old peoples home, Lubasi orphanage, Lushomo orphanage and Choongo orphanage. This is in line with the Authority’s corporate social responsibility of helping the vulnerable in communities. The donations are as a result of seizures of various goods from different importers who had intended to evade paying duties and taxes by failure to declare their goods to customs at the Victoria Falls Port,” stated Sikalinda.

“It is important to note that smuggling and other forms of tax malpractices deny the Zambian people of the much needed revenue. The authority has stepped-up its enforcement activities to ensure sanity in the import and export business. The authority wishes to encourage all responsible citizens to report all kinds of tax malpractice to the authority.”