Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube has joined the prosecution team in a matter in which State Counsel Nchima Nchito is charged with personating a Post official.

KBF quickly stood to address magistrate Greenwell Malumani today before the case was even be called and said he was not ready to proceed because he had not received full instructions from the complainant.

KBF informed the court that he had joined the prosecution team although Robson Malipenga who has been prosecuting the matter was absent in court.

He said he was not ready to proceed because he needed some time to discuss the matter with complainant (Abel Mboozi) and study the record as well.

He said he had spoken to the provisional liquidator (Lewis Mosho) but not to Mboozi.

The defence team, led by Musa Mwenye, argued that it was not clear who had instructed KBF and that he was therefore incapable of seeking an adjournment in the matter.

Mwenye argued that the matter was commenced Mboozi and it was therefore a private prosecution, at the instigation of the complainant, whom KBF had not spoken to.

But KBF justified his reason for addressing the court, disclosing that Mboozi instructed him to co-prosecute the matter through a letter that was dropped at his office last month.

Nchito’s team only agreed to withdraw the application after KBF availed a copy of the letter that he received from Mboozi.

The matter comes up on April 7.