A 22-year-old student has been sentenced to four years’ imprisonment with hard labour in the Lusaka High Court for causing the death of four people during a car race on Kafue Road.

Facts before court are that on August 17, 2017, Simon Adhanon lost control of the motor vehicle due to excessive speed, overturned and in the process hit three pedestrians who were walking on the roadside.

Adhanon’s friend who was with him in the car also died.

The court heard that he was speeding in what appeared to be a car race activity while in the company of his friends.

When the matter came up, Monday, Judge Catherine Phiri convicted Adhanon, saying the State had proved its case.

She said there was recklessness in the manner Adhanon conducted himself on the road.

Judge Phiri dismissed Adhanon’s defence that he hooted on the victims and that his car lost control and hit into them.

And in mitigation, his lawyer Keith Mweemba asked the court to exercise leniency, saying the offender was young and he was remorseful.

Passing judgement, judge Phiri said she took into consideration the mitigation, but, however, had to send Adhanon to jail to deter would-be offenders.

“This sentence will serve as a deterrent to would-be offenders as deaths on the road have become prevalent,” ruled judge Phiri.