Danny Pule’s Dunamis Ministries has dragged 19 church members, among them a pastor, seeking an order that their continued use of its Avondale House of God is illegal as they were expelled due to their unbecoming behaviour.

Dunamis Ministries is further seeking an order compelling Pastor Peter Chalwe to surrender to the church, the PA system, musical instruments, bank accounts, keys to the church building, among other things.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Wednesday, Danny Pule’s Dunamis Ministries stated that it was a company limited by guarantee and carried on the business of proclaiming God’s word, among other activities.

It stated that the defendants, Pastor Chalwe and 18 others, were members of its church until they were expelled on October 31, 2018.

Dunamis Ministries stated that it established Dunamis Christian Centre in Avondale on plot number F/378a/1093, adding that the said plot was purchased by the Dunamis Church at K35,000 in 2014.

“The plaintiff, whose one of the objectives is to establish Dunamis Christian Centres and plant churches, did establish a Dunamis Christian Centre in Avondale, which property is registered and belongs to the plaintiff. The money to buy the said plot was contributed by the members of Dunamis from the main centre and Avondale Dunamis as well as other Dunamis congregations,” read the statement of claim.

Dunamis Ministries further stated that its overseer, apostle Danny Pule, personally contributed 6,000 blocks towards the construction.

And in an affidavit in support of ex-parte summons for an order of interim injunction, Pule stated that in February, 2018, the defendants wrote two letters talking about breaking away from Dunamis Miracle Church and demanded for the certificate of title relating to plot number F/378a/1093 in Avondale.

He stated that in that same month, the church held a meeting chaired by himself, discussing the said two letters written by the defendants.

Pule stated that the defendants were expelled from the church and told to surrender all church properties, but added that in spite of being expelled, the defendants had continued to cause chaos, confusion and had refused to leave.

“The defendants have refused to surrender the said church properties. On December 18, 2018, the defendants through the help of some youths harassed and threatened a security officer who was employed to guard the Avondale Dunamis Church and the said youths have since camped at the church,” read the affidavit.

Pule claimed that the defendants had also continued to issue threats of violence and insults against the leadership of the church, demanding for the certificate of title deed of the Avondale property number F/378a/1093.

He stated that if not restrained, the defendants would cause more damage and their riotous behaviour may lead to loss of property.

“The defendants’ rebellion and insults have caused great damage to the reputation and to the standing of the church leaders and to some members of the church. The defendants’ rebellious conduct has made it difficult for the church at Avondale to conduct worship services and prayers in a normal way,” read the documents further.

Dunamis Ministries is now seeking damages against the defendants for trespass and unlawful occupation of its property number F/378a/1093, in Avondale and an order that the continued use and congregating by the defendants at Avondale Dunamis Church, is illegal.

It is further seeking an order compelling Pastor Peter Chalwe to surrender to the church, properties which include; PA system, musical instruments, bank accounts, member register and keys to the church building, as well as, interest on monetary awards, costs, among other claims.