Lusaka magistrate Nsunge Chanda yesterday detained UPND lawyer Martha Mushipe at court holding cells for about six hours for not appearing in court in a case relating to failure to produce NAPSA documents for employees.

This is in a matter in which Mushipe, a director of Nyenyezi Christian Academy, is jointly charged with other directors for failure to produce NAPSA documents for some employees.

When the case came for return of bench warrant around 09:30, magistrate Nsunge Chanda briefly detained Mushipe, ignoring her explanation that she had been unwell.

Magistrate Chanda said she needed to handle some cases involving juveniles before she could attend to Mushipe and Mushipe was led to the holding cell where she stayed until around 15:00 hours when her case was called again.

Magistrate Chanda warned Mushipe that the court would not tolerate her habit of absconding court proceedings.

“Why discuss with the PP (public prosecutor) when this matter is in court? I will not even listen to you. So accused person, instead of going round, I will give you a benefit of doubt. Follow the right procedure, otherwise the court will lose confidence,” magistrate Chanda said.

She wondered why Mushipe had continued sending different people to represent her without giving proper reasons on why she was failing to attend court proceedings.

“The Summons will be extended. If anything comes up, follow right channels so that you are not seen to be running away from the court,” said magistrate Chanda.

The matter has since been adjourned to 4 June this year for plea.