A clinical medicine student has sued Legana Meat Products and PicknPay in the Lusaka High Court, claiming damages for nausea and excessive vomiting after allegedly consuming Hungarian sausage which had what appeared to be a used condom.

Luyando Kopakopa who claims that she went into convulsion after consuming the same, further wants an order from the court that Legana Meat Products be advised to produce sausages in conformity with the general standards, among other claims.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court principal registry yesterday, Kopakopa explained that she was a clinical medicine student, whereas the defendants were companies specialised in particular meat products and chain store retailers, respectively.

She stated that on August 3, this year, she purchased 1kg Legana Hungarian sausage from PicknPay at Makeni Mall and kept the said sausages in the freezer for three days.

Kopakopa claimed that on August 6, she fried one or two sausages but when she tasted one, she encountered what appeared to be a used condom which contained some meat inside.

She further claimed that the meat which surrounded the condom appeared like human flesh to her.

“On or about August 3, 2019, Kopakopa purchased 1 kg of Hungarian sausage from PicknPay, Makeni Mall and stored it in a freezer up until August 6, 2019 when she opted to fry one or two. She immediately tried to give a piece to the spouse and thereafter proceeded to taste some but she encountered what appeared to be a used condom, which condom contained some meat inside and outside, as the meat which surrounded the condom in the face of the plaintiff appeared like human flesh,” read the statement of claim.

Kopakopa claimed that upon consuming the same, she went into convulsion, stress, fear and ultimately excessive vomiting.

“As a result of the above, Kopakopa went into rage to a point whereby she had no option but to alert the members of the public through a video on social media of the danger and fear she encountered by consuming the product of Legana Meat Products,” read the statement of claim further.

Kopakopa stated that when she went to seek medical attention at Kabwata Clinic, doctors diagnosed her and found that she was traumatized.

She claimed that the excessive vomiting and stomach upset led to the inflammation of the ribs.

Kopakopa is now claiming damages for tortious liability arising out of the consumption of the disputed Hungarian sausage, as well as, general damages for nausea, excessive vomiting and inflammation of the ribs.

She further wants an order that Legana Meat Products be advised or guided to produce Hungarian sausage in conformity with the general standards in order to put would be clients safe, as the sausage she consumed was of a lesser standard and was different from the other sausages that the company produces.

Kopakopa is further claiming an order that the court must take the video and its contexts which went viral on social media pertaining to the defective sausage product not to have been made in malafade or ill intentions as complained by Legana Meat Products that she gave false information to the general public.