Swimmer Paljk rubbishes govt’s K3,000 reward

Swimmer Tilka Paljk says it is ridiculous for government to give as low as K3,000 to Zambian athletes who won different medals at the recently-held All Africa Games in Morocco a month ago.

Paljk says she was shocked when she heard that government had decided to give her K3,000 after she won a bronze medal at the All Africa Games.

She said in a posting on her Facebook page that it was a joke for the government to give so little to the African champions.

“When I first heard that I got K3,000 from the government for winning a bronze at the all African games, I thought ‘wow, are these guys serious? Is this it?’ But I didn’t want to come [out] ungrateful so I just kept quiet and said ‘thank you’. After seeing this in the paper today, I am glad that this is out there and that people can see how ridiculous it is. We are the BEST athletes on the continent and to be given a K5,000 for being the African champion is honestly embarrassing and insulting. I can’t even pay my rent with that money, let alone my coach. I want to ask the government if they feel content or proud for giving us a K5,000 for being the best in Africa. It’s honestly a joke. But thanks anyway,” said Paljk.

The government also gave sprinter Sydney Siame a K5,000 for winning gold at the All Africa Games.

Siame, who qualified to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, has also been to the position of Chief Inspector by the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

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What kind of country are we? Kaiser Zulu blows K50,000 per weekend month in month out on prostitutes let alone bash our expensive automobiles and gets away unscathed. A single noble act of decency, that brings pride to our country, by a young coloured girl, who could choose her non native parent’s country – which of course is better than Zambia in everything, is rewarded with a pittance not enough even to fly her between two towns in Zambia!!!! Just remember my government colleagues: God is watcing and we pray everyday for his rescue. He never fails.

Mr Zed
Mr Zed

How much do you want for almost winning. That was third place, infact you should have gotten a ticket to the movies and some pizza.


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