FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has launched a fresh assault on his predecessor Kalusha Bwalya, saying the soccer legend had no political will to amend the constitution during his tenure.

And Kamanga says the association has plans to rehabilitate stadia in four provinces using funds from FIFA.

Speaking when he officiated at the North-Western Provincial conference today, Kamanga said the development of soccer countrywide has improved greatly owing to the decision taken by his administration to amend the constitution.

Kamanga who did not mention names said the previous administration did not have the will to do so.

“We just want (to) share with you what we have done since we assumed office in 2016, its been a long journey which obviously is coming to an end in March this year when we have an elective congress. Mine is to thank you for having found time to come for this meeting. In terms of the starting points, I just want to go back to where we are coming from. The first thing we had to do is reorganise FAZ in terms of the structure through the constitution which we amended in March 2017. I think after a long time we kept coming back, previously there was no will to get the constitution adjusted by the previous administration. But I’m happy to report that the decisions made in 2017 are there for all to see, how our football is shaping up simply because we have had the opportunity to decentralise the activities of FAZ,” he said.

“For the first time we have FAZ offices in the ten provinces that is why we have the coordinator here and it is expected that for the first time after March, North-Western Province as a province is going to have a representative in the FAZ executive committee. I know we have got a lady from here but she was elected based on the old constitution which was one of you know, but this time we will have all the provinces to have representations from FAZ which has never happened. We are also giving you a provincial constitution which will govern how football will be managed in your province.”

Kamanga rubbished claims by some administrators that the distribution of soccer equipments was a campaign gimmick.

“The coordinator here has given us credit over the distribution of equipment and that is why I find it strange that from 2017 until now the distribution of equipment is now been considered as a campaign agenda and yet it has got nothing to do with elections. It was a council decision; it was a policy decision that we support all the lower divisions with equipment in form of football and jerseys and going forward we want to extend that level of support through other means. We need to bring in nets, we need to bring in the cons, we need to bring in other aspects which include training of coaches.”

Meanwhile Kamanga says the association has plans to rehabilitate stadia in four provinces using funds from FIFA.

“I also wanted to inform you that we have approached the government to improve on infrastructure support. We identified the four stadiums that are owned by the government, in Solwezi there is one, in Mansa there is one, Kasama there is one and in Chipata there is one so that we are able to do a quick fix. We want to do a rehabilitation if we are given the opportunity to rehabilitate these stadiums. The funding for the rehabilitation of those stadiums will come from FIFA and we think that we can honestly take care of the drainage because as you know we had to equally adjust to the playing calendar to suit the international calendar.”

“In the other provinces where we don’t have government infrastructure, I think we will continue to talk with FIFA so that at the end of the day we have these stadiums in all the ten provinces. We have FAZ cups, these are things which were never there so, for me I am very excited that even when people are saying we are not doing enough, we have started. If there is zero, yes you have the right to complained.”