CASTLEBET Winner Beauty Zaza WON a cool K25 PIN from a bet of just K5, then revealed: “My big win is the proof it doesn’t take a MAN to win at Betting!”

Married Mum Beauty, 35, who owns and operates a hair dressing salon in Matero north of Lusaka, cashed out her staggering K25,894 payout after adding 12 teams to a ticket using Castlebet Zambia’s Lite app.

Beauty’s 12 team superbet was due to payout a juicy K15,223.68 but her total payout soared to K25,894.76 thanks to Castlebet’s generous Multiboost BONUS which added an extra K10,661.08 to the ticket.


Last night the overjoyed sports betting fan admitted: “To be honest I was just trying out a few small games. I didn’t even know the teams that well because there was no Premier League or big games that day. There was alot of luck involved!

“I wanted to check the games late at night before I went to bed but I felt lazy. I only realised what had happened when I woke up in the morning and logged onto my Castlebet account around 0630 hours to check my balance.”

She added: “I looked once at the screen…I said to myself, ‘it’s not my phone’…then I looked at the screen again and realised : YES it IS my phone!’. Then I screamed!”

Komboni Radio Fan:

Hair stylist Beauty WON BIG after signing up and joining Castlebet four months ago.

Beauty explained: “I had heard about Castlebet quite alot because my brother Bobby – who knows alot about football – recommended the service to me. He has been betting with Castlebet for nearly a year now.

“I hardly know anything about football compared to him, so he can’t believe it’s me that has won big instead of him when he studies football in-depth and I hardly know any teams or players!”

She added: “I took the big step forward and signed up to join Castlebet myself after hearing a programme on Komboni radio a few months back. I must give Castlebet credit as they have made it so easy to sign up and start playing with them.

”The really good thing is their customer service is amazing. The girls in the Castlebet call centre team really helped me at the beginning when I was a bit scared and facing a few challenges. They even called me back so I didn’t waste any talktime learning how to place my bets!!

Last week Castlebet Marketing Queen Magret Kambikambi & CEO Masuzyo Ngosa followed from Castlebet HQ in Kabulonga to Beauty’s hair salon in Matero to present her with her winning cheque, hand over the wad of cash and also enjoy a few drinks!

Marketing supremo Ms Kambikambi explained: “We followed Beauty in person to congratulate her and help her celebrate her win not because of the amount she won, (in excess of K25,000)

“No, we followed Beauty because of the exceptional skill she showed in winning this money from such a small stake of just K5 and also to reinforce girl power as we were so proud of Beauty for showing the men how to do it! 

“Castlebet has seen much bigger winners in the past, of course, such as last month’s winner Salim Nyoni from Kitwe, but our other winners usually risk more money before winning big – not just K5! Beauty must have used girl power to conjure 25 pin from just such a tiny bet amount!