People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti says the Africa Freedom Day celebrations must be left to President Edgar Lungu and his “friends” to celebrate because Zambians have nothing to be happy about.

And Mulongoti says President Lungu must not pretend that he does not interfere with Court proceedings because it is “quite evident that he does”.

Speaking in an interview with News Diggers this morning, Mulongoti said Zambians would not celebrate this year’s Africa Freedom Day commemorations which falls on May 25th, because they were mourning their incarcerated friends.

“It’s a mockery of democracy for people to be incarcerated when it’s evident that they are innocent but they still remain incarcerated. So there is nothing to cerebrate in this year’s Africa freedom day because we are in a state of mourning. You can not celebrate when your friend is incarcerated and when it’s evident from the Court that they are innocent. Let Mr Lungu and his friends celebrate but, this could be the last celebration they will have because time is going to come when they will have to answer for all that. What kind of people are they who the whole world has stood out to condemn what they’ve done and they still want to pretend that its a court process?,” Mulongoti wondered.

“We have talked long enough but they seem to have no ears at all, they are the ones standing showing that they have got power but that power comes from the people so it will be withdrawn. When that power is withdrawn then they will be able to answer. Nothing lasts forever, we have been talking about this matter for quiet a long time and we are now reaching forty something days and he [President Lungu] wants to brag about it that ‘unless he recognises me, I won’t withdraw him from court’ who says that those are his powers? So he does not realise that he is getting weaker and weaker by the day. Those police shepherds will not be available for him in a short time to come and we shall see where his power is,” Mulongoti said.

Mulongoti insisted that President Lungu was controlling the judiciary.

“Why should they lie that they don’t interfere with Court processes? When there was the issue to do with First Quantum and ZCCM-IH holdings they gave instructions for them to remove it from Court. The question here is that we are very convinced they did it because they had financial interests, they were paid and could be the only reason why they intervened because in this matter with HH they say ‘we can’t interfere with a matter that is in court’ but when it comes to a matter that has commercial interests, they intervene instructing IH holdings to ignore the matter in the Court and the Police. They must know that we are following that matter very keenly, we are very very convinced that there was money that passed hands [which was] why they even interfered,” Mulongoti said.

And Mulongoti further advised the Presidential Aide for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda to always remember that he was there to give a service to the people of Zambia.

“They must be consistent. And sadly, Mr Amos Chanda has turned out to be the biggest liar this country has produced in public service but any way, he does not work in his father’s house but for the people of Zambia and one day he will have to answer the people of Zambia,” said Mulongoti.