President Edgar Lungu and his Ghanaian counterpart, President Nana Akufo Addo today toured several farm blocks in Mumbwa where the visiting Head of State expressed pleasure at the various technology advancements which farmers in the area are using.

Speaking when he toured the Amatheon Agri-farm of Mumbwa in the morning, President Addo said he had seen the need to integrate the rural community into the investment energy facility.

“I have seen something here which is very valuable. How investment can be made in our rural parts of the continent which is bringing technology skills and expertise and inserting it into rural community, but at the same time taking the trouble to integrate the rural community into the investment energy facility. That is extremely important and there is a model of agriculture development that we really need to replicate as often as possible across the continent,” President Addo said.

“I want to encourage them (farmers) that the model [they are using] that I have seen both on paper and in reality is one that I would like to encourage; especially on the part that the President and I had talked about. We are concerned with making sure that vocational facilities are made available to the population that is working here. The farmers and the workers here, the children should be exposed into the modern knowledge, into the modern development so that they too can also enhance their prospects in life.”

The Ghanaian President also acknowledged the farming methods practiced in some rural parts of the country saying it was an eye opener to take back to his country.

“I am very happy that I had the opportunity of seeing with my own two eyes what is involved in this development. So let me thank the executive in Amatheon for taking the trouble to show us around. They are busy people organizing their business and their money. But they came to show us what they are doing here, am very grateful,” said President Addo.

“We don’t want a situation whereby people are kept in the same situation through several generations, its a big concern to the President and it’s also a concern that I share myself.”