Saviour Chishimba ate his lunch while walking this afternoon as police dragged him to Force Headquarters where he was questioned before his arrest for defamation of the President.

It’s my first time to ever be interrogated by police, please put me in your prayers,” the opposition United Progressive People (UPP) leader told his supporters at the secretariat before he was taken away.

Police pounced on Chishimba earlier, as he arrived at Diamond TV along Bwinjimfumu Road where he was scheduled to record a political programme at the private television station.

Plain-clothed police officers approached the opposition leader and took him to Force Headquarters where he was interrogated for 2 hours 45 minutes.

He was then taken to Woodlands Police Station where police officers mobilized and led him to his Secretariat in Kabulonga for a search.

The police officers demanded for the press statement which Chishimba read at his recent press briefing where he castigated President Edgar Lungu for declaring a Threatened State of Emergency.

Watch Chishimba tell off the Head of State at the press briefing:

Shortly after he arrived at the secretariat in the company of police officers, Chishimba asked his staff to prepare him a quick meal as he was hungry.

But the search was concluded under 30 minutes denying the opposition leader time to sit down for his lunch. he instead grabbed the bowl of rice and a spoon and started eating, as police led him back to Police Headquarters further questioning.

“Please put me in your prayers guys,” he said as he left the secretariat, “it’s my first time to be interrogated by police.”