The Zambia Daily Mail has asked all willing employees across the board to consider leaving the company on voluntary separation basis.

According to a memo circulated to employees, Human Resource and Administration director Lutato Nyendwa said the move was meant to cut down on staff related payments, thereby enabling the State owned and government funded media house to start making profit.

“Kindly be informed that the company wishes to reduce numbers of staff working for it. The reduction of staff members if meant to reduce the cost of staff related payments from about 70 per cent to about 30 per cent of revenue in order for it to become profitable,” Nyendwa stated.

“The company is therefore requesting staff who may be interested in leaving, under the current conditions of service, to apply. Please note that applications will be subject to approval by senior management. This means that senior management reserves the right to accept or reject any applications without advancing reasons.”

He advised employees to apply before September 29, 2017.

“All applications should be made to the director Human Resource and Administration before September 29, 2017. Until the application is approved and employee separated with, they will still be considered part of the establishment of the company,” said Nyendwa.