FODEP executive director Chimfwembe Mweenge says the Constitutional Court’s silence on the nullification of Munali and Lusaka Central parliamentary seats is another ambiguity from the 2016 elections that is delaying justice delivery.

Speaking to News Diggers! in an interview yesterday, Mweenge lamented the failure by the ConCourt to stipulate a timeframe in which to dispose off election petition cases.

“We are aware that there is actually a gap in the ConCourt in as far as stipulating a time frame in which a case would be exposed of that nature is concerned. I think that is what is basically keeping the members of parliament for Munali Prof Nkandu Luo and Margaret Mwanakatwe of Lusaka Central, sticking to their seats. I think this is a problem in as far as extending justice is concerned because it is said ‘justice delayed is justice denied,’ Mweenge said.

“I think what would have been good was to have a situation where these cases would have been disposed off quickly so that the members of parliament whose seats have been petitioned in the courts of law can enjoy their tenure in office. I think that morally speaking, it would have been great if such matters were determined and heard within a specified period of time. I think it’s desirable, it would be clearly desirable for the electoral justice that matters of such nature are given a predictable timeframe in which to be exposed so that justice prevails for those who were declared to be winners and those who were declared to be losers.”