PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says the Anti Corruption Commission must publish their findings on Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili.

Speaking when he featured on the ZNBC TV’s Sunday Interview programme, Mwila said the party was aware that the ACC had concluded its investigations on Kambwili.

“They are there, they are listening. Am talking and they are listening. You will recall that during the swearing in ceremony of the ambassadors and high commissioners, the President did express disappointment over the Anti Corruption Commission because they have been carrying out investigations without taking any action. You will recall that honorable Chishimba Kambwili is being investigated over the issues of corruption. We have been told that they have concluded investigations,” Mwila said.

“Me, as an individual, I am not satisfied, if they start an investigation, they have to complete and inform the public on the outcome. I think that is my position, that’s my concern. Us as a party we have said that anyone who shall be found in the issues of corruption, we shall deal with them, that commitment is still there. That’s the more reason honorable Chishimba Kambwili was dropped, because of the issues of corruption and the ACC started their investigations, they told us that they have completed the investigations…they are using public funds to investigate these individuals and as people we have to know the outcomes.”

And Mwila said party officials were not in panic mode over allegations of corruption.

“We are not in the panic over these allegations. They are not only talking about the issues of corruption, they have gone astray. Mr Kambwili was talking about him buying my deputy some tissues, someone sleeping in the garage, and I said those are arguments against man, they are not following the issues that are on the table. If they have any evidence against what they are saying, let them go to the Anti-Corruption Commission, and I am not defending anyone,” he said.

Asked how true it was that a lot of ruling party officials were getting good deals from government, Mwila said he was not a businessman to benefit from government contracts.

“I am not aware because me am not a businessman so I don’t even follow what people say. So I just concentrated on what I am doing because am not a businessman to follow or go for contracts, no! Me I am a farmer, I just keep animals, it ends there,” Mwila said.

When asked if the party took corruption allegations seriously, Mwila said it was the duty of the commission to arrest those found wanting.

“Okay Grevazio what do you want us to do? We don’t arrest people ourselves, we don’t. Even if they provide evidence to ACC, it is not us who are going to arrest those, it is the Anti Corruption Commission. And we are saying that the Anti Corruption Commission must jack up their standards, they have to work and ensure that the public is satisfied with their work. I want the Zambian people to judge us whether we are telling the truth or not,” said Mwila.